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Books: Aphasia

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  1. Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS), Aphasia: Manifestations of Aphasia Symptoms in Different Languages

Message 1: Aphasia: Manifestations of Aphasia Symptoms in Different Languages

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 14:23:31 +0100
From: Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS) <>
Subject: Aphasia: Manifestations of Aphasia Symptoms in Different Languages

 Edited by Michel Paradis, McGill University, Canada

Published June 2001 * Hardbound * ISBN: 0-08-043662-5 * 304 pages * Pergamon
Price: US$ 111.00 * NLG (Dutch Guilder) 225.00 * euro 102.10
The likelihood of encountering aphasic patients who speak a language other
than the one of the clinic in which they are assessed is rapidly increasing
to the point of becoming commonplace. It is therefore more important than
ever to become aware of the manifestations of aphasia in languages other
than one's own. A number of factors conspire to influence the symptoms in
each language, from phonological and morphosyntactic structure of the
language, to frequency of obligatory contexts, importance of the form for
derivation of meaning, and degree of redundancy. Therefore the same
underlying deficit may cause different surface manifestations in different
languages. The characteristic symptoms of 14 languages of Germanic,
Finno-Ugrian, Indo-Iranian, Romance, Semitic, and Slavic language families
are described in the volume, namely, African American English, Afrikaans,
Basque, Catalan, Czech, Farsi (Persian), Finnish, Friulian, Greek, Hebrew,
Hungarian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

This is the fourth in a series of books commissioned by the International
Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics and published under the Pergamon

By way of a preface: the need for awareness of aphasic symptoms in different
languages (M. Paradis).
Dialectal variants of verbs in narratives of African Americans with aphasia:
some methodological considerations (H.K. Ulatowska, G. Streit Olness).
Aphasia in Afrikaans: a preliminary analysis (C. Penn et al.).
Aphasia manifestations in Basque (I. Laka, L. Erriondo Korostola).
On manifestations of aphasia in Catalan: a case study of Broca's aphasia (J.
Pe�a Casanova et al.).
Manifestation of aphasic symptoms in Czech (H. Leheckov�).
Manifestations of aphasia in Persian (Farsi) (R. Nilipour, S. Raghibdoust).
Grammatical structuring in Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia in Finnish (M-L.
Helasvuo et al.).
Manifestations of aphasia in Friulian (F. Fabbro, G. Frau).
Manifestations of morphological impairments in Greek aphasia: a case study
(K. Tsapkini et al.).
Aphasia in Hebrew speakers (M. Goral).
Manifestations of aphasic symptoms in Hungarian (A. Kertesz, J. Osm�n-Sagi).
A longitudinal study of agrammatism in Polish: a case study (H.K. Ulatowska
et al.).
The manifestation of aphasic symptoms in Spanish (A. Ardila).
Agrammatic verb errors in Spanish speakers and their normal discourse
correlates (J. Centena, L.K. Obler).
Grammatical features of aphasia in Swedish (A-C. M�nsson, E. Ahls�n.

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