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Thu Jun 14 2001

Calls: Processing Systems/NIPS, Speakers/Smaller Lang

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  1. Richard Zemel, Neural Information Processing Systems: NIPS*2001
  2. Diana Yankova, Speakers of Smaller Languages in the Big World

Message 1: Neural Information Processing Systems: NIPS*2001

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 16:46:29 -0400
From: Richard Zemel <>
Subject: Neural Information Processing Systems: NIPS*2001

 Neural Information Processing Systems
 Natural and Synthetic
 Monday, Dec. 3 -- Saturday, Dec. 8, 2001
 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
 Whistler Ski Resort


 PAPER SUBMISSIONS: June 20, 2001 


For submission info, see

Invited speakers:
 Barbara Finlay -- How brains evolve, and the consequences for 
 Alison Gopnik -- Babies and Bayes-nets: Causal inference and
 theory-formation in children, chimps, scientists and computers 
 Jon M. Kleinberg -- Decentralized network algorithms: Small-world
 phenomena and the dynamics of information 
 Tom Knight -- TBA
 Judea Pearl -- Causal inference as an exercise in computational 
 Shihab Shamma -- Common principles in auditory and visual processing

 Luc Devroye -- Nonparametric density estimation: VC to the rescue
 Daphne Koller & Nir Friedman -- Learning Bayesian networks from data
 Shawn Lockery -- Chemotaxis: Gradient ascent by simple living 
 organisms and their neural networks. 
 Christopher Manning -- Probabilistic linguistics and probabilistic 
 models of natural language processing 
 Bernhard Scholkopf -- SVM and Kernel methods
 Sebastian Thrun -- Probabilistic robotics

Also...remember that NIPS is heading north this year, to Vancouver
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Message 2: Speakers of Smaller Languages in the Big World

Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 00:32:11 +0300
From: Diana Yankova <>
Subject: Speakers of Smaller Languages in the Big World


In the framework of the European Year of Languages, New Bulgarian
University, Sofia, is organizing an international conference entitled:


Hosted by New Bulgarian University,
Department of Modern and Applied Linguistics
OCTOBER 26-28, 2001

Background: The advent of the 21st century has faced us with new
realities posing previously unknown challenges. We have entered a period
marked by dynamic processes of globalization, high mobility of human and
material resources and massive influx of modern technologies in all
spheres of life. Globalization, however, can have both constructive and
destructive power. The dynamics of integration tends to produce
tensions between the global and the local that bring to the foreground
ethical issues bearing on linguistic human rights and social equity.
Today, the threat of decreasing the functional role of smaller
languages, of obliterating cultural specificity and of gradual
extinction of smaller ethnic groups seems quite real. There is a growing
belief that measures should be taken to preserve the richness of world
languages and cultures for the benefit of the whole of humankind. A case
in point is EU linguistic and cultural policies laid down in Council
Regulation No1, the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties.

Aims of the conference:

- To provide a forum for discussion with the aim to raise public
awareness of the smaller languages and cultures and develop a better
understanding of the local conditions for maintaining linguistic and
cultural diversity.

- To contribute to the construction of a global civilized world for
the benefit of all peoples - large and small.

- To provide a forum for exchange of ideas and positive experience in
foreign language teaching/learning, interpreting/ translation/ FL
teacher education and intercultural communication in order to enhance
and diversify the educational practices reinforcing linguistic and
cultural diversity in a multilingual, multicultural democratic and
tolerant world.

Themes of the conference:

Presentations addressing the following themes will be especially
welcomed: Language Policy, Intercultural Communication, Foreign Language
Teaching/ Learning, FL Teacher Education, Translation Theory and
Practice, Multilingualism.

Panel discussion: "Speakers of smaller languages in the big world"

Educational activities: Classroom with no borders (participants will be
provided with an opportunity to teach a lesson in their native language)

Cultural activities: Cultural kaleidoscope (participants are invited to
bring materials representing their local culture - video films, photos,
and other cultural artifacts)

Keynote speakers:
1. David Graddol (author of the book 'The Future of English")
2. TBA
3. TBA

Venue: New Bulgarian University, 21, Montevideo St., Sofia, Bulgaria

Deadline for abstracts: July 30, 2001
Notification of acceptance: August 10, 2001

Selected papers of up to 3000 words will be published subsequently in a
book. Authors should submit their presentations on hard copy and disc
not later than November 10, 2001.


Approximate price range of hotels: 30 - 50 leva for Bulgarian
participants, 40 - 60 USD for foreign participants. A list of
recommended hotels will be available shortly.

Additional information as well as a registration form will shortly be
available at

For abstract submission or any further queries contact:

Dr. Maria Georgieva,
Associate Professor in English,
Head of Department of Modern and Applied Linguistics
New Bulgarian University
65, Shipchenski prohod, entrance3
Tel/ Fax (+359 2) 9712758


Diana Yankova,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Modern and Applied Linguistics,
New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University, SOFIA, BULGARIA
OCTOBER 26-28, 2001


Family name:
First name(s):


Full correspondence address:

Title of presentation:



Type of Presentation (Please specify)
1. Paper (30 minutes)
2. Concurrent activities
a. Teaching a lesson in your native language (Please specify the number
of participants you would like to attend the lesson)
b. Participation in cultural kaleidoscope (Please specify what kind of
materials you intend to exhibit, e.g. photos, video films, etc.)

Presenting a paper does not exclude participation in the concurrent

Language of presentation:

Equipment needed:
Tape recorder

ABSTRACT (200-300 words):

Conference fee (to be paid on arrival):
Bulgarian participants - 30 lv
Students - 15 lv
Participants from other countries - 30 USD

Date of arrival:
Date of departure:

Important dates:

Deadline for Abstracts and Registration: 30 July 2001
Notification of acceptance: August 10, 2001
Deadline for submitting papers for publication: November 10, 2001
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