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Mon Jun 18 2001

Confs: Is Meaning Dynamic? - Colloquium/ Prague

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  1. Jaroslav Peregrin, Is Meaning Dynamic? - Prague International Colloquium

Message 1: Is Meaning Dynamic? - Prague International Colloquium

Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 09:00:11 +0200
From: Jaroslav Peregrin <>
Subject: Is Meaning Dynamic? - Prague International Colloquium

(Prague International Colloquium)
Villa Lanna, Prague, Czech Republic, September 11-14, 2001

Further information & registration:


Tuesday, September 11

13.00	Registration
14.00	Opening address
14.10	Invited Lecture: 
	JOHAN VAN BENTHEM (Amsterdam/Stanford): 
	Dynamics of Meaning
15.10	Tea / Coffee Break
15.40	Paul Dekker (Amsterdam):	
	Grounding Dynamic Semantics
16.20	Wolfram Hinzen (Regensburg):		
	Meaning and cognitive architecture

Wednesday, September 12

09.00	Invited Lecture
	HANS KAMP (Stuttgart):
10.00	Tea / Coffee Break
10.30	Friederike Moltmann (Liverpool):	
	Presuppositions and the Semantic Dynamic Approach 
11.10	Richard Breheny (Cambridge): 
	Reflections on the Dynamic Turn in the study 
		of language and meaning
11.50	Lunch Break
14.00	Hans Rott (Regensburg):	
	Belief Change vs. Meaning Change
14.40	Christopher Gauker (Cincinnati): 
	Conditionals as Context-Relative Rules of Inference 
15.20	Hiroyuki Nishina (Saitama): 
	Extracting Semantic Features from Spatiotemporal 
		Information on Action Using Modal Logic

Thursday, September 13

09.00	Invited Lecture
	GABRIEL SANDU (Helsinki):
10.00	Tea / Coffee Break
10.30	Manuel Rebuschi (Nancy):	
	A New Chance for Substitution? 
11.10	Louise Vigeant (Ottawa):	
	What Would Justify a Verificationist Theory of Meaning? 
11.50	Lunch Break
14.00	Anna Sierszulska (Krakow):		
	Context dependence and compositionality in theories 
		of meaning
14.40	Tero Tulenheimo (Helsinki): 
	Independence-Friendly Tense Logic and its Expressive Power
15.20	Tea / Coffee Break
15.50	Vladimir Svoboda and Timothy Childers (Prague):		
	On the Meaning of Prescriptions
16.30	Berislav Zarnic (Split): 	
	Dynamic models, intentional states and practical logic
17.10	Blazena Svandova (Brno):		
	Distinction between reductionistic and holistic features 
		of natural languages

Friday, September 14

09.00	Ruth Kempson and Wilfrid Meyer-Viol (London): 
	Anaphoric Processes of Interpretation and the Growth 
		of Logical Form
09.40	Klaus von Heusinger (Konstanz): 
	Double Dynamics: Definite Descriptions
10.20	Tea / Coffee Break
10.50	Jiri Havelka and Petr Sgall (Prague):	
	Dynamics in the meaning of sentence and of discourse
11.30 	Jaroslav Peregrin (Prague):	
	Dynamic semantics - a new paradigm?
12.10 	End of the Colloquium
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