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Mon Jun 18 2001


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  1. linguistlist reviews, AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW


Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 18:11:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: linguistlist reviews <>

The following books are available for review. If you are
interested in reviewing any of these books, please contact
Simin Karimi at:

When asking to review a book, include the following in your
message. Please do this even if you have given us this
information before!
 (1) The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review.
If you are interested in more than one book, list them in
rank order of preference.
 (2) Your full name and highest academic degree received.
 (3) Your current affiliation if any.
 (4) A short description of your research interests.
 (5) A postal address to which the book should be sent.

Do NOT include an electronic CV or a URL for your
personal web page. These WILL be ignored.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a
copy along with further instructions. Reviews must be
completed within six weeks of receipt of the book or the
book must be returned.


Butt, Miriam, and King, Traci Holloway, ed. (2000) Argument
Realization, CSLI Publications, paperback ISBN: 1-57586-266-2,
x+244pp, Studies in Constraint-Based Lexicalism.

Danziger, Eve (2001) Relatively Speaking: Language, Thought,
and Kinship among the Mopan Maya, Oxford University Press,
hardback ISBN: 0-19-509910-9, x+125pp, $65.00.

Hornstein, Norbert (2000) Move! A Minimalist Theory of
Construal, Blackwell Publishers, paperback ISBN: 0-631-22361-
4, viii+248pp, $34.95, Generative Syntax series.

Ladefoged, Peter (2000) Vowels and Consonants: An
Introduction to the Sounds of Languages, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback ISBN: 0-631-21422-7, xxii+191pp,
$34.95 (CD-ROM included).

Ledgeway, Adam (2000) A Comparative Syntax of the Dialects
of Southern Italy: A Minimalist Approach, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback ISBN: 0-631-22166-2, xvi+329pp,
$29.95, Publications of the Philological Society 33.

Lepore, Ernest (2000) Meaning and Argument: An Introduction
to Logic through Language, Blackwell Publishers, paperback
ISBN: 0-631-20582-9, xvi+418pp, $31.95.

Minnen, Guido (2001) Efficient Processing with Constraint-
Logic Grammars Using Grammar Compilation, CSLI
Publications, paperback ISBN: 1-57586-306-5, viii+255pp,
Stanford Monographs in Linguistics.

Sainsbury, Mark (2000) Logical Forms: An Introduction to
Philosophical Logic, 2nd ed., Blackwell Publishers,
paperback ISBN: 0-631-21679-0, vii+424pp, $29.95.

Shohamy, Elana (2001) The Power of Tests: A Critical
Perspective on the Uses of Language Tests, Longman,
paperback ISBN: 0-582-42335-X, xxvi+182pp, GBP 27.99,
Language in Social Life series.

Webb, Vic, and Kembo-Sure, ed. (2001) African Voices: An
Introduction to the Languages and Linguistics of Africa,
Oxford University Press, paperback ISBN: 0-19-571681-7,
xiv+334pp, $19.95.


Anderson, Ronald James (2000) Ash�ninka Stories of Change,
Summer Institute of Linguistics, paperback ISBN: 1-55671-
102-6, xi+245pp, Publications in Sociolinguistics 4.

Auer, Peter, ed., (1999) Code-Switching in Conversation:
Language, Interaction and Identity, Routledge, paperback
ISBN: 0-415-21609-5, viii+355pp, $32.99.

Baker, Colin (2001) Foundations of Bilingual Education and
Bilingualism, 3rd ed., Multilingual Matters, paperback ISBN:
1-85359-523-3, xii+484pp, GBP 16.95, Bilingual Education and
Bilingualism series.

Beedham, Christopher, ed. (1999) Langue and Parole in
Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective: Selected Proceedings
of the XXXIst Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica
Europaea, 1998, Elsevier Science Ltd., hardback ISBN: 0-08-
043581-5, xi+519pp.

Benson, Phil (2001) Teaching and Researching Autonomy in
Language Learning, Longman, paperback ISBN: 0-582-36816-2,
xii+260pp, GBP 22.99, Applied Linguistics in Action series.

Benua, Laura (2000) Phonological Relations Between Words,
Garland Publishing, hardback ISBN: 0-8153-3810-4, x+271pp,
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics.

Berg, Thomas (2001) Linguistic Structure and Change: An
Explanation from Language Processing, Oxford University Press,
paperback ISBN: 0-19-829985-0, xiii+336pp, $27.95
(hardback ed. 1998).

Bertolo, Stefan, ed. (2001) Language Acquisition and
Learnability, Cambridge University Press, hardback ISBN: 0-
521-64149-7, viii+247pp, $64.95 (paperback ISBN 0-521-
64620-0, $22.95).

Brinton, Laurel J. (2000) The Structure of Modern English:
A Linguistic Introduction, John Benjamins Publishing,
paperback ISBN: 1-55619-662-8, xxi+355pp, $29.95 (includes

Broe, M., and Janet Pierrehumbert, ed. (2000) Papers in
Laboratory Phonology V: Acquisition and the Lexicon,
Cambridge University Press, hardback ISBN: 0-521-64363-5,

Broeder, Peter, and Jaap Murre (2000) Models of Language
Acquisition: Inductive and Deductive Approaches, Oxford
University Press, hardback ISBN: 0-19-829989-3, ix+291pp,

Byram, Michael, ed. (2000) Routledge Encyclopedia of
Language Teaching and Learning, Routledge, hardback ISBN:
0-415-12085-3, xx+714pp.

Candlin, Christopher, and Neil Mercer, ed. (2001) English
Language Teaching in its Social Context: A Reader,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-24122-7, xiv+352pp,

Crawshaw, Robert, and Karin Tusting, ed. (2000) Exploring
French Text Analysis: Interpretations of National Identity,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-18408-8, xv+224pp,

Cruttenden, Alan (2001) Gimson's Pronunciation of English,
6th ed., Arnold Publishers, paperback ISBN: 0-340-75972-0,

Ehrlich, Susan (2001) Representing Rape: Language and
Sexual Consent, Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-20522-0,

Ellis, Roger (2001) Translation and Nation: Towards a
Cultural Politics of Englishness, Multilingual Matters,
paperback ISBN: 1-85359-517-9, vi+225pp, GBP 19.95, Topics
in Translation series.

Epstein, Samuel David (2000) Essays in Syntactic Theory,
Routledge, hardback ISBN: 0-415-19235-8, 216pp, Routledge
Leading Linguists series.

Floyd, Rick (1999) The Structure of Evidential Categories
in Wanka Quechua, Summer Institute of Linguistics,
paperback ISBN: 1-55671-066-6, 206pp, $29.00, SIL
Publications in Linguistics 131.

Gilbers, Dicky, John Nerbonne, and Jos Schaeken, ed. (2000)
Languages in Contact, Rodopi, hardback ISBN: 90-420-1322-2,
viii+339pp, $64.00, Studies in Slavic and General
Linguistics 28.

Goldsmith, John A., ed. (1999) Phonological Theory: The
Essential Readings, Blackwell Publishers, paperback ISBN:
0-631-20470-9, viii+438pp.

Gregory, Eve, and Ann Williams (2000) City Literacies:
Learning to Read Across Generations and Cultures,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-19116-5, xix+232pp,
Literacies series.

Hall, David R., and Ann Hewings (2001) Innovation in
Language Teaching: A Reader, Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-
415-24124-3, xiv+289pp, $27.95.

Han, Hye-Chung (2000) The Structure and Interpretation of
Imperatives: Mood and Force in Universal Grammar, Garland
Publishing, hardback ISBN: 0-815-33787-6, xiii+263pp,
$60.00, Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics.

Harris, Joyce L., Alan G. Kamhi, and Karen E. Pollock, ed.
(2001) Literacy in African American Communities, Lawrence
Erlbaum Associates, paperback ISBN: 0-8058-3402-8,

Haspelmath, Martin (2001) Indefinite Pronouns, 1st
paperback ed., Oxford University Press, paperback ISBN: 0-
19-829963-X, xvi+364pp, $29.95, Oxford Studies in Typology
and Linguistic Theory.

Hervey, S�ndor, Ian Higgins, Stella Cragie, and Patrizia
Gambarotta (2000) Thinking Italian Translation: A Course in
Translation Method, Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-20681-
2, x+228pp, $27.95.

Kaiser, Stefan, Yasuko Ichikawa, Noriko Koboyashi, and
Hilofumi Yamamoto (2001) Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-09920-X, xx+636pp,
Routledge Grammars.

Kasher, Asa, ed. (1998) Pragmatics: Critical Concepts, 6
vols., Routledge, hardback ISBN: 0-415-11734-8, xxv+154,
vi+557, v+217, vi+722, vi+490, vi+559pp, Routledge
Critical Concepts.

Kay, Christian J., and Louise M. Sylvester, ed. (2001)
Lexis and Texts in Early English: Studies Presented to Jane
Roberts, Rodopi, paperback ISBN: 90-420-1001-0,
xiii+302pp, $53.00, Costerius New Series 133.

King, Jeffrey C. (2001) Complex Demonstratives: A
Quantificational Account, MIT Press, paperback ISBN: 0-262-
61169-4, xiii+207pp, $18.00, Contemporary Philosophical
Monographs, A Bradford Book.

Krishnamurti, Bhadriraju (2001) Comparative Dravidian
Linguistics: Current Perspectives, Oxford University Press,
hardback ISBN: 0-19-824122-4, xxvi+417pp, $95.00.

Landau, Sidney I. (2001) Dictionaries: The Art and Craft of
Lexicography, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, hardback
ISBN: 0-521-78040-3, xvi+477pp, $69.95 (paperback ISBN 0-

Lavoie, Lisa M. (2001) Consonant Strength: Phonological
Patterns and Phonetic Manifestations, Garland Publishing,
hardback ISBN: 0-8153-4044-3, xix+214pp, Outstanding
Dissertations in Linguistics.

Le Goffic, Pierre, ed. (2001) Le pr�sent en fran�ais,
Rodopi, paperback ISBN: 90-420-1324-9, vi+116pp, $21.00,
Cahiers Chronos 7.

Maffi, Luisa, ed. (2001) On Biocultural Diversity: Linking
Language, Knowledge, and the Environment, Smithsonian
Institution Press, hardback ISBN: 1-56098-905-X,

Major, Roy C. (2001) Foreign Accent: The Ontogeny and
Phylogeny of Second Language Phonology, Lawrence Erlbaum
Associates, hardback ISBN: 0-8058-3813-9, ix+211pp, $49.95
(special prepaid price $22.50), Second Language Acquisition
Research: Theoretical and Methodological Issues.

Malrieu, Jean Pierre (1999) Evaluative Semantics:
Cognition, Language and Ideology, Routledge, hardback ISBN:
0-415-19671-9, xii+316pp, $110.00, Routledge Frontiers of
Cognitive Science.

Mar-Molinero, Clare (2000) The Politics of Language in the
Spanish-Speaking World: From Colonisation to Globalisation,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-15655-6, xiii+242pp,
$30.99, The Politics of Language.

M�rquez Reiter, Rosina (2000) Linguistic Politeness in
Britain and Uruguay: A Contrastive Study of Requests and
Apologies, John Benjamins Publishing, hardback ISBN: 1-
58811-015-X, xvii+225pp, $95.00, Pragmatics & Beyond 83.

McLoughlin, Linda (2000) The Language of Magazines,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-21424-6, xii+115pp,

Mercer, Neil (2000) Words & Minds: How We Use Language to
Think Together, Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-22476-4,
xiii+206pp, $16.99.

Murray, John, and Sarah Smyth (2001) Intermediate Russian:
A Grammar and Workbook, Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-
22103-X, x+217pp.

Nuyts, Jan, and Eric Pederson, ed. (1999) Language and
Conceptualization, Cambridge University Press, paperback
ISBN: 0-521-77481-0, viii+281pp, Language, Culture and
Cognition 1 (hardback ed. 1997).

Palmer, Frank R. (2001) Mood and Modality, 2nd ed.,
Cambridge University Press, hardback ISBN: 0-521-80035-8,
xxi+236pp, $64.95, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics (1st
ed. 1986; paperback ISBN: 0-521-80479-5).

Pountain, Christopher J. (2001) A History of the Spanish
Language through Texts, Routledge, hardback ISBN: 0-415-
18061-9, xviii+341pp.

Reisigl, Martin, and Ruth Wodak (2001) Discourse and
Discrimination: Rhetorics of Racism and Antisemitism,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-23150-7, xiv+298pp,

Ricento, Thomas, ed. (2000) Ideology, Politics and Language
Policies: Focus on English, John Benjamins Publishing,
paperback ISBN: 1-55619-670-9, ix+197pp, $31.95, Impact:
Studies in Language and Society 6.

Roberts, Jane, and Christian J. Kay (2000) A Thesaurus of
Old English, 2 vols., Rodopi, hardback, vol. 1 ISBN: 90-420-
1573-X, xxxvi+719pp, $130.00; vol. 2 ISBN: 90-420-1583-7,
841pp, $150.00, Costerius New Series 131, 132.

Roca, Iggy, and Wyn Johnson (1999) A Workbook in Phonology,
Blackwell Publishers, paperback ISBN: 0-631-21394-5,

Schmid, Carol L. (2001) The Politics of Language: Conflict,
Identity, and Cultural Pluralism in Comparative
Perspective, Oxford University Press, paperback ISBN: 0-19-
513776-0, x+218pp, $19.95.

Sch�nefeld, Doris (2001) Where Lexicon and Syntax Meet,
Walter de Gruyter, hardback ISBN: 3-11-017048-5, vi+332
pp, DM 176.00, Trends in Linguistics 135.

Showalter, Stuart (2001) The Same but Different: Language
Use and Attitudes in Four Communities of Burkina Faso,
Summer Institute of Linguistics, paperback ISBN: 1-55671-
092-5, xi+261pp, Publications in Sociolinguistics 5.

Song, Jae Jung (2001) Linguistic Typology: Morphology and
Syntax, Longman, paperback ISBN: 0-582-31221-3, xix+406pp,
$30.99, Longman Linguistics Library.

Spadaro, Katherine M., and Katie Graham (2001) Colloquial
Scottish Gaelic: The Complete Course for Beginners,
Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-415-20675-8, viii+292pp,
$20.95, The Colloquial Series (with cassette ISBN:
0-415-20677-4, $45.95).

Street, Bryan V., ed. (2001) Literacy and Development:
Ethnographic Perspectives, Routledge, paperback ISBN: 0-
415-23451-4, x+228pp, Literacies series.

Stump, Gregory T. (2001) Inflectional Morphology: A Theory
of Paradigm Structure, Cambridge University Press, hardback
ISBN: 0-521-78047-0, xvi+308pp, Cambridge Studies in
Linguistics 93.

Toohey, Kelleen (2000) Learning English at School:
Identity, Social Relations and Classroom Practice,
Multilingual Matters, paperback ISBN: 1-85359-481-4,

Urbanczyk, Suzanne (2001) Patterns of Reduplication in
Lushootseed, Garland Publishing, hardback ISBN: 0-815-
34042-7, xi+254pp, $65.00, Outstanding Dissertations in

Van Valin, Robert D. (2001) An Introduction to Syntax,
Cambridge University Press, hardback ISBN: 0-521-63199-8,
xvi+239pp, $59.95 (paperback ISBN 0-521-63566-7, $22.95).

Wierzbicka, Anna (2001) What Did Jesus Mean? Explaining the
Sermon on the Mount and the Parables in Simple and
Universal Human Concepts, Oxford University Press,
paperback ISBN: 0-19-513733-7, xiv+509pp, $29.95.

Xu, De Bao (2001) Chinese Phonology in Generative Grammar,
Academic Press, hardback ISBN: 0-12-767670-8, ix+244pp.

Yip, Virginia, and Stephen Matthews (2001) Intermediate
Cantonese: A Grammar and Workbook, Routledge, hardback
ISBN: 0-415-19386-9, xiv+200pp, Routledge Grammars.
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