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Tue Jun 19 2001

All: The LINGUIST Advisory Board

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  1. linguist, LINGUIST Advisory Board

Message 1: LINGUIST Advisory Board

Date: 19 Jun 2001 13:21:43 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: LINGUIST Advisory Board

Dear LINGUIST Subscribers,

We would like to thank everyone who answered our call and volunteered
to serve on the LINGUIST Advisory Panel. Many of you generously
offered your time and expertise--so many that it took us this long to
come to a decision. As you might imagine, it is difficult to choose
when presented with so many excellent candidates. We wanted a board
whose membership reflected diversity of both location and linguistic
specialty, as well as familiarity with LINGUIST.

The following twenty-eight people will comprise the first LINGUIST
Advisory Board: 

Arendse Bernth, Chairman 
Hans Christian Boas 
Larry D. Chong 
Bethany Dumas 
Stan Dubinsky 
Paul D. Fallon 
Clare Gallaway 
Elly Van Gelderen 
Kurt Godden 
Pius Ten Hacken
S J Hannahs 
Dick Hudson 
John Lawler 
Elizabeth D. Liddy
Ahmad R. Lotfi 
Monica Macaulay
Brian MacWhinney 
Joyce Milambiling
Mullen John 
Paul Peranteau 
Joseph Salmons 
Farzad Sharifian
Chilin Shih 
Richard Sproat 
Karl V. Teeter 
Andrew Winnard
Margaret E. Winters 
Arnold Zwicky 

We know that among these names are some that all of you recognize, as
well as some relatively unfamiliar ones; it was our goal to have a
cross-section of the linguistic community. We are confident you will
agree that we have assembled some of the best in the field. We look
forward to working with them in our efforts to better serve the
linguistics community.

We thank you all--for your generosity, your patience, and your
continued support of LINGUIST.

Best regards,

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