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Wed Jun 20 2001

Books: General Linguistics

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  1. Uri N Strauss, General Linguistics: NELS 31 Proceedings by M. Kim & U. Strauss (eds.)

Message 1: General Linguistics: NELS 31 Proceedings by M. Kim & U. Strauss (eds.)

Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:23:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Uri N Strauss <>
Subject: General Linguistics: NELS 31 Proceedings by M. Kim & U. Strauss (eds.)

(NELS 31 Conference proceedings, mixed)

M. Kim & U. Strauss (eds.).
Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 31,
Georgetown University. Book, 2 volumes (not sold separately), $34.
For ordering information, visit our Web page:

* Tonal Complexes and Tonal Alignment - Akin Akinlabi and Mark Liberman
* Avoid-F in ACD - Ana Arregui 
* Syntactic dependencies versus trace deletion: evidence from Korean and
 Spanish - Alan Beretta, John Halliwell, Alan Munn, and Cristina Schmitt
* An MEG Study of Tone Processing Asymmetries in English versus Mandarin
 Speakers - Benjamin Bruening, Elissa Flagg, Vivian Lin 
* Floating Quantifiers and Theta-Role Assignment - Zeljko Boskovic 
* A Typology of Rhotic Duration Contrast and Neutralization - 
 Travis G. Bradley 
* Proper Binding Condition Effects are Phase Impenetrability Condition
 Effects - Carlo Cecchetto 
* Synchronic Handshape Variation in ASL: Evidence of Coarticulation - 
 Adrianne Cheek 
* Deletion Under Identity in Relative Clauses - Barbara Citko
* Reconsidering identification focus - Jocelyn Cohan 
* What the hell?! - Marcel den Dikken and Anastasia Giannakidou
* Intonation Patterns of Particle Verb Constructions in English - Nicole Dehe
* Bypassing subjacency effects: How event structure amnesties extraction
 out of object NPs - William D. Davies and Stanley Dubinsky 
* Ellipsis in Spanish and the Stranded Affix Filter - Marcela A. Depiante
* The Double Scope of Quantifier Phrases - Cornelia Endriss and Andreas Haida 
* Working Memory and Syntactic Complexity in Brazilian Portuguese and English 
 - Ana C. Gouvea and David Poeppel 
* On the semantics of as and be. A neo-Carlsonian account - Gerhard Jger
* Acoustic Effects of Stress in Korean: With a Focus on the Status of
 Vowel Length - Eon-Suk Ko
* When Can You Save a Structure by Destroying It? - Howard Lasnik
 Relative Clauses Without Wh-Movement - Felicia Lee 
* Phases and the syntax of applicatives - Martha McGinnis 
* Associating EPP with N-completeness - Norio Nasu 
 On the Absence of Non-Factive Complementation in Certain Languages - Lynn
* Clausal and TP-Defective Gerunds: Control Without Tense - Acrisio Pires
* Agrammatic Aphasic Comprehension of Thematic Role Assignment in
 Indonesian - Whitney Anne Postman 
* Explaining Vowel Inventory Tendencies via Simulation: Finding a Role for
 Quantal Locations and Formant Normalization - Brian Roark 
* What "Simple" Clitics Tell Us about "Complex" Nominal Expressions - 
 Penka Stateva 
* The Syntax of Reduplication - Lisa deMena Travis 
* Reset on a Boundary Tone - Hubert Truckenbrodt 
* Improper Remnant A-movement - Takae Tsujioka 
* Tense on D and (the Lack of) Nominative Case - Martina Wiltschko
* Phonetic Stress Cues in Noun-Verb Pairs in American English vs. Indian
 English - Caroline R. Wiltshire and Russell Moon
* The Complex Interaction of Tone and Prominence - Moira Yip 
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