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Tue Jan 23 2001

FYI: Online Grammar/ Udi, Comp Lexicography/ Project

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  1. Wolfgang Schulze, Online Grammar of Udi (Southeast Caucasian)
  2. Hass-Zumkehr, Comp Lexicography: Project - Wissen ueber Woerter

Message 1: Online Grammar of Udi (Southeast Caucasian)

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:51:44 +0100
From: Wolfgang Schulze <>
Subject: Online Grammar of Udi (Southeast Caucasian)

Dear Colleagues,

this is just to inform you that there is an 'online grammar' of Udi 
(Southeast Caucasian or 'Lezgian') now available under

It comprises a comprehensive description of the Udi grammar from a 
typological (in parts cognitive) perspective, offers additional (though 
limited) information on the sociolinguistic and historical background as 
well as a sample text with full interlinear glosses. The objectives of 
this grammar are to provide an interactive tool for the analysis of Udi 
which means that readers are invited to comment upon single sections or 
to ask for additional data etc. which would then be entered in this 
grammar. Please note (and pardon) that the author is a non-native 
speaker of English which means that you are in advance kindly asked to 
excuse deficiencies in the English text.

Best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze
Institut f�r Allgemeine und Indogermanische Sprachwissenschaft 
Universit�t M�nchen - Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 - D-80539 M�nchen
Tel.: ++49-(0)89-2180 2486 (secretary) // ++49-(0)89-2180 5343 (office)
Fax: ++49-(0)89-2180 5345
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Message 2: Comp Lexicography: Project - Wissen ueber Woerter

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:41:37 +0000
From: Hass-Zumkehr <>
Subject: Comp Lexicography: Project - Wissen ueber Woerter

Stichwort: 	Computerlexikografie
		Document Type Definition fuer ein online-"Woerterbuch"
Keywords: 	computer/electronic lexicography
 	document type definition for an on-line "dictionary"

Das Projekt "Wissen ueber Woerter" (WiW, ehemals: LEKSIS) - das
lexikalisch-lexikologische Informationssystem des Instituts fuer Deutsche
Sprache - hat seine Artikelstruktur neu ueberarbeitet. Sie kann als
Document Type Definition von folgender Internet-Seite aus herunter geladen
und mittels eines geeigneten Editors getestet werden:

The project "Knowledge About Words" (WiW; formerly LEKSIS) -- the
lexical-lexicological information system of the Institut fuer Deutsche
Sprache - has revised its lexeme entry structure. It can be downloaded as
a document type definition from the following address and tested with a
compatible editor:

Dazu kann eine erlaeuternde Tabelle heruntergeladen werden. Naehere
Informationen auf der genannten Web-Seite.
In addition, a table containing commentary and explanations can be
downloaded. Further information is also available at the address above. 

Die Projektgruppe freut sich auf Ihre Reaktionen!
Our project is looking forward to your comments!

Im Namen der Projektgruppe:
On behalf of the project group:

Ulrike Hass-Zumkehr

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ha�-Zumkehr

Leiterin der Abteilung Lexik
Institut f�r Deutsche Sprache
Postfach 10 16 21
68016 Mannheim
Pakete: R 5, 6-13
D-68161 Mannheim

Tel. 0621 / 1581 - 221


Neuenheimer Landstr. 34
D-69120 Heidelberg
Tel. 06221 / 41 21 33

mobil: 0173 66 91 303

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