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Confs: Formal Grammar/Mathematics of Language

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  1. oehrle, Formal Grammar/Mathematics of Language - FGMOL '01

Message 1: Formal Grammar/Mathematics of Language - FGMOL '01

Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 14:03:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: oehrle <>
Subject: Formal Grammar/Mathematics of Language - FGMOL '01



Friday morning (9.00) August 10--Sunday afternoon (17.50) August 12, 2001
		 in conjunction with the
 European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information


FGMOL'01 will provide a forum for the presentation of new and original
research on formal grammar and mathematical aspects of language,
especially with regard to the application of formal methods to natural
language analysis. Themes of interest include, but are not limited to:

 * formal and computational syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and phonology; 
 * model-theoretic and proof-theoretic methods in linguistics; 
 * constraint-based and resource-sensitive approaches to grammar;
 * foundational, methodological and architectural issues in grammar;
 * mathematical properties of linguistic frameworks;
 * theories and models of natural language processing and generation;
 * parsing theory;
 * statistical and quantitative models of language.



Conference Description and Program:

Registration and Accommodation via ESSLLI:

Registration fee: 50 euros.




Friday, August 10, 14.00-15.00:

 Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania)
	Some issues concerning strong generative capacity

Saturday, August 11, 14.00-15.00:

 Jaakko Hintikka (Boston University)
	 Negation in logic and in natural language


Sunday, August 12, 14.00-17.50:


		 Model-Theoretic Syntax

Geoffrey Pullum (Santa Cruz) 
	Formal grammar without formal languages: 
	the surprisingly radical implications of model-theoretic syntax

Patrick Blackburn (INRIA)
	Why model-theoretic syntax?

James Rogers (Earlham)
	A hierarchy of degrees of constituency

Uwe Moennich (Tuebingen)
	A model-theoretic description of TAGs



Carlos Areces (Amsterdam), Raffaella Bernardi and Michael Moortgat (Utrecht)
	Galois Connections in Categorial Type Logic

Gilad Ben-Avi and Yoad Winter (Technion)
	A Characterization of Monotonicity with Collective Quantifiers

Pierre Boullier (INRIA)
	From Contextual Grammars to Range Concatenation Grammars

Lukasz Debowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)
	A Revision of Coding Theory for Learning from Language

Philippe de Groote & Guillaume Bonfante (LORIA)
	Stochastic Categorial Grammars

Denys Duchier (Saarbruecken)
	Lexicalized Syntax and Topology for Non-projective Dependency Grammar

Annie Foret (INRIA)
	The emptiness of intersection problem for k-valued categorial
	grammars (classical and Lambek) is undecidable.

Sean A. Fulop (Chicago)
	Learnability of type-logical grammars

Kim Gerdes (Paris)
	TAG and Topology: Problems and Proposals for German

Masami Ito (Kyoto), Carlos Martin-Vide (Tarragona), 
and Victor Mitrana (Bucharest)
	Chomsky-Schutzenberger Type Characterizations 
	of Poly-Slender and Parikh Slender Context-Free Languages

Stephan Kepser (Tuebingen)
	On the Complexity of RSRL

Matthias Trautner Kromann (Copenhagen)
	Local optimality parsing in Discontinuous Grammar

Yves Lepage (ATR)
	Analogies and formal languages

Arthur Merin (Stuttgart)
	The Measure of All Things 

Jens Michaelis (Potsdam)
	Observations on Strict Derivational Minimalism

Stefan Mueller (DFKI)
	An HPSG Analysis of German Depictive Secondary Predicates

Anne Neville and Patrizia Paggio (Copenhagen)
	Developing a Danish grammar in the GRASP project: 
	A construction-based approach to topology and extraction

Rainer Osswald (Hagen)
	Classifying Classification

Adi Palm (Passau)
	Model-theoretic Syntax and Parsing:
	An Application to Temporal Logic

Gerald Penn (Toronto)
	A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Polynomial-Time
	Recognition with the Lambek Calculus

Wiebke Petersen (Duesseldorf)
	A Set-Theoretical Approach for the Induction of
	Inheritance Hierarchies

Carl Pollard (Ohio State)
	Higher-Order Grammar

Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer (Tuebingen)
	Polish Negation and Lexical Resource Semantics

Balder ten Cate (Amsterdam)
	The dynamics of information exchange dialogues



Anne Abeill'e (Paris)			Patrick Blackburn (INRIA)
Gosse Bouma (Groningen)			Mary Dalrymple (Xerox Parc)
Elisabet Engdahl (Gotenborg)		Nissim Francez (Haifa)
Thilo Goetz (IBM)			David Johnson (IBM)
Mark Johnson (Brown)			Gerhard Jaeger (Utrecht)
Aravind Joshi (UPenn)			Ruth Kempson (London)
Alain Lecomte (LORIA)			Uwe Moennich (Tuebingen)
Michael Moortgat (Utrecht)		Mark-Jan Nederhof (Groningen)
Owen Rambow (Cogentex)			James Rogers (Earlham)
		 Mark Steedman (Edinburgh)



Geert-Jan Kruijff (Saarbruecken)
Larry Moss (Indiana)
Dick Oehrle (Oakland)
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