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Sun Jul 1 2001

Qs: Book exhibit at LSA, Evaluation of OT

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  1. Michael Bernstein, LSA annual meeting book exhibit
  2. Kimary Shahin, Evaluation of OT

Message 1: LSA annual meeting book exhibit

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 16:02:32 -0500
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Subject: LSA annual meeting book exhibit

Do you go to the LSA annual meetings? We'd like to know what would
make the book exhibit more appealing to the people attending the
annual meeting. We'll be happy to share your responses with other
publishers and with the LSA.

THE PROBLEM: It's very expensive to display books at the annual
meeting, and most people never enter the book exhibit. Fewer than
300 people actually come into the book room in a typical year, out
of more than 1000 attending the meeting. As publishers, we would
like to see more of you in the book room -- it gets very boring
when we're stuck in there by ourselves. We'd like to show our
books to more people, talk to more potential authors, hand out
more catalogs, and just plain say hi to more people.

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: Should we have different hours? Should there
be refreshments during more of the day instead of just coffee in
the morning? Is the location convenient? Would a drawing for free
books be interesting? What about free doughnuts? Internet access?

You probably have ideas, and we'd like to hear them. Some ideas
may not be feasible to implement, but we'd like to hear them so we
can explore them. Please reply to me by e-mail.

Disclaimer: I don't speak for the other publishers, but I do
know that many of them would also like to see more people in the
book exhibit. And to those of you who do come visit us in the book
room, thank you!

 Michael Bernstein
 Cascadilla Press
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Message 2: Evaluation of OT

Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 03:37:33
From: Kimary Shahin <>
Subject: Evaluation of OT

I will be teaching a grad course at UBC this fall which will address
where we've been, and maybe where we're going, in phonological
theory, focussing on evaluation of OT. If anyone knows of relevant
work, especially on evaluation of OT (e.g., TLR 17, McMahon 2000),
please email me the reference.

with many thanks in advance,

Kimary Shahin
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