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Thu Jul 5 2001

Books: Indonesian Language/Australian Language

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  1. Malcolm Ross, Indonesian Lang/Australian Lang: by Himmelmann, by Rose

Message 1: Indonesian Lang/Australian Lang: by Himmelmann, by Rose

Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 12:04:17 +1000
From: Malcolm Ross <>
Subject: Indonesian Lang/Australian Lang: by Himmelmann, by Rose

PACIFIC LINGUISTICS is happy to announce the publication of

Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, (compiler)
Sourcebook on Tomini-Tolitoli languages: General information and word lists
David Rose
The Western Desert Code: An Australian Cryptogrammar

These works are described below.

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equivalent to about US$ 0,55.).


Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, (compiler)
Sourcebook on Tomini-Tolitoli languages: General information and word lists
PL 511

This sourcebook presents an edited version of the fieldnotes gathered
during an extensive linguistic survey of the Tomini-Tolitoli
languages, a group of eleven languages spoken in northern Central
Sulawesi, Indonesia. The introductory sections present general
information about the Tomini-Tolitoli languages and about the survey,
including detailed maps and a few notes on phonology and morphology.
The main part of the book consists of extensive word lists of each
language (between 700 and 1,400 entries per language, often including
information on dialect variation). The book thus makes available a
rich collection pf primary data on which anyone interested in working
on Tomini-Tolitoli languages may draw. 2001 ISBN: 0 85883 516 9 xxii
+ 436 pp. AUS $59.40 International $54.00

David Rose
The Western Desert Code: An Australian Cryptogrammar
PL 513

This volume is a description of the language of Australia's Western
Desert peoples, from the perspective of Western Desert culture,
focusing on what M.A.K. Halliday has characterised as 'ways of
meaning' in the culture. As a doctoral dissertation The Western
Desert Code received exceptional praise from its examiners, C.M.I.M.
Matthiessen (Macquarie University) called it 'an outstanding
contribution to semiotic and linguistic scholarship in general and to
the description and understanding of Australian Aboriginal languages
in particular... the first contribution ever to give a comprehensive
account of the semiotic complex of an Australian Aboriginal
language-culture, using the resources of a powerful theory to map out
this complex along a number of dimensions... a monumental, brilliant
achievement in absolute terms... Rose thus clearly belongs to the
class of once-in-a-blue-moon scholars that Whorf belonged to'. K.
Davidse (University of Leeuven) writes: '... a tremendously inventive
effort of interpretation... I know of no other work which has so
consistently related to the relation between code, register,
semantics, lexicogrammar and phonology as this Ph.D. thesis'. 2001
ISBN: 0 85883 437 5 xvi + 482 pp. AUS $59.40 International $54.00


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