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Tue Jul 10 2001

Qs: Chan Yuen Yuen Article, Gen'l Ling Text

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  1. Dr Martin J. Ball, Angela Fok (Chan Yuen Yuen)
  2. De Giulio Stephen, Text for Elementary Course

Message 1: Angela Fok (Chan Yuen Yuen)

Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 09:59:32 -0500
From: Dr Martin J. Ball <>
Subject: Angela Fok (Chan Yuen Yuen)

Could any linguist help me with a bibliographical query? I have a
photocopy of an article entitled 'The frequency of occurrence of speech
sounds and tones in Cantonese' by Angela Fok (Chan Yuen Yuen). The page
numbers run 150-157.
Unfortunately no date or journal title appear on the copy. It is
typewritten, so I assume it's a Working Papers or similar. It's not
traceable by normal bibliographical searches.
I believe the author was once at the University of Hong Kong, but is not
traceable via their web site.
I would be most grateful to anyone who could supply the missing details
and/or a contact address for the author.

Martin J Ball
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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Message 2: Text for Elementary Course

Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 21:35:59 -700
From: De Giulio Stephen <>
Subject: Text for Elementary Course

I'm looking for a good text for a general linguistics course for a 
two year college. I wouldn't call it an introductory course because 
few of the students will ever study linguistics. I'll stress 
increased awareness of language in ways helpful to parents, language 
learning, and communication skills, as well as general knowledge of 
the structure and history of language and languages. A traditionally 
structured text'd be fine. Thanks a million.
 Stephen DeGiulio
 Asst. Prof. English/ESL
 New Mexico State University 
 at Alamogordo, NM, USA
 email: <> 
 Voice: (505) 439-0797
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