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Fri Jul 13 2001

Books: Computational Ling/Terminology, Pragmatics

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  1. Paul Peranteau, Comp Ling/Terminology: Recent Advances in Computational Terminology
  2. Paul Peranteau, Pragmatics: Handbook of Pragmatics 1999 supplement

Message 1: Comp Ling/Terminology: Recent Advances in Computational Terminology

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:10:09 -0400
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Comp Ling/Terminology: Recent Advances in Computational Terminology

John Benjamins Publishing announces a new work in Computational 

Recent Advances in Computational Terminology.
Didier Bourigault, Christian Jacquemin and Marie-Claude L'Homme (CNRS, 
ERSS, Universit� Toulouse-le-Mirail/CNRS-LIMSI, Orsay, France/Universit� de 
Montr�al) (eds.)
Natural Language Processing 2 Hardcover 2001. xviii, 380 pp.
US & Canada: 1 58811 016 8 USD 99.00
Rest of world: 90 272 4984 9 NLG 218.00

This first collection of selected articles from researchers in
automatic analysis, storage, and use of terminology, and specialists
in applied linguistics, computational linguistics, information
retrieval, and artificial intelligence offers new insights on
computational terminology. The recent needs for intelligent
information access, automatic query translation, cross-lingual
information retrieval, knowledge management, and document handling
have led practitioners and engineers to focus on automated term
handling. This book offers new perspectives on their expectations. It
will be of interest to terminologists, translators, language or
knowledge engineers, librarians and all others dependent on the
automation of terminology processing in professional practices.

The articles cover themes such as automatic thesaurus construction,
automatic term acquisition, automatic term translation, automatic
indexing and abstracting, and computer-aided knowledge acquisition.

The high academic standing of the contributors together with their
experience in terminology management results in a set of contributions
that tackle original and unique scientific issues in correlation with
genuine applications of terminology processing.

Contributions by: Akiko Aizawa and Kyo Kageura; Peter G. Anick;
M.Teresa Cabr� Castellv�; Rosa Estop� Bagot and Jordi Vivaldi
Palatresi; Lee-Feng Chien and Chun-Liang Chen; James J. Cimino; 
Anne Condamines and Josette Rebeyrolle; B�atrice Daille; Eric Gaussier;
Thierry Hamon and Adeline Nazarenko; Toru Hisamitsu and Yoshiki Niwa;
David A. Hull; Hongyan Jing and Evelyne Tzoukermann; Diana Maynard and
Sophia Ananiadou; Ingrid Meyer; Hiroshi Nakagawa; A Nazarenko;
P. Zweigenbaum; B. Habert and J. Bouaud; Michael P. Oakes and Chris
D. Paice.

 John Benjamins Publishing Co.
Offices:	Philadelphia 			Amsterdam:
Phone: +215 836-1200 +31 20 6304747
Fax: +215 836-1204 +31 20 6739773
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Message 2: Pragmatics: Handbook of Pragmatics 1999 supplement

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:21:20 -0400
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Pragmatics: Handbook of Pragmatics 1999 supplement

John Benjamins Publishing announces the availability of the 1999 
supplement to the Handbook of Pragmatics.
Included is the new updated table of contents.

Handbook of Pragmatics. 1999 Installment.
(University of Antwerp / University of Helsinki / University of Ghent)
US & Canada: 1 58811 000 1 / USD 87.00
Rest of world: 90 272 2573 7 / NLG 190.00

The Handbook of Pragmatics provides easy access - for scholars with
widely divergent backgrounds but with convergent interests in the use
and functioning of language - to the different topics, traditions and
methods which together make up the field of Pragmatics, broadly
conceived as "the cognitive, social and cultural study of language and

The Handbook of Pragmatics is an annually updated state-of-the-art
publication. The main body of the Handbook is produced in loose-leaf
format in 3-ring binders and is accompanied by the bound Manual which
contains all necessary background information and user guidelines. The
loose-leaf Handbook forms the basis of the Handbook proper giving an
overview of the subfields, traditions, methodologies and concepts of
Pragmatics. The project is a unique work of reference that guarantees
to be always a state-of-the-art source book for researchers.


Cumulative Table of Contents
1995-1999 installments
Traditions Update
Correlational sociolinguistics, N. Dittmar
Frame semantics, M. Petruck
Integrational linguistics, R. Harris
Interlanguage pragmatics, G. Kasper
Lexical semantics, R. MacLaury
Translation Studies, C. Sch�ffner
Methods Update
Hermeneutics, P. Van de Craen
Notation Systems Update
Notation Systems in Spoken Language Corpora, U. Lenk
Handbook AZ
Anaphora, W. De Mulder
Attention and language, M. Stamonov & E. Andanova
Austin, M. Sbis�
Authority, J. Wilson
Bateson, V. Servais
Bilingualism and multilingualism, M. Heller
B�hler, A. Musolff
Case and semantic roles, B. Rudzka-Ostyn
Categorization, E. Rosch
Channel, S. Slembrouck
Codeswitching, C. Eastman
Cohesion and coherence, W. Bublitz
Collaboration in dialogues, K. Aronsson
Communication, P. Harder
Communicative dynamism, J. Firbas
Communicative success vs. failure, D. Good
2 Cumulative Table of Contents
Communicative style, M. Selting
Comprehension vs production, J. Cooper Cutting
Consciousness and language, W. Chafe
Context and contextulaization, P. Auer
Conversation types, A. Hakulinen
Conversational implicature, R. T. Lakoff
Creoles and creolization, S. Mufwene
Culture, S. Sarangi
Definiteness, R. Laury
Deixis, J. Sidnell
Dialect, R. MacCauley
Discourse markers, U. Lenk
Figures of speech, M. Kienpointner
Functional sentence perspective, P. Sgall
Grounding, B. Warvik
Honorifics, J. Irvine
Humor, S. Attardo
Implicitness, E. Bertucelli
Intercultural communication, V. Hinnenkamp
Irony, R. Giora
Jargon, L. Rojo
Language ecology, T. Skuttnab-Kangas & R. Phillipson
Language policy, language planning and standardization, R. Herbert
Malinowski, G. Senft
Markedness, B. Comrie
Mass media, A. Jucker
Mathesius, M. Nekula
Modality, F. Kiefer
Morphopragmatics, W. Dressler & M. Barbaresi
Motivation, Z. D�rnyei
Narrative, A. Georgakopoulou
Negation, M. Miestamo
'Other 'representation, N. Coupland
Peirce, R. Parmentier
Phatic communion, G. Senft
Politeness, G. Kasper
Polyphony, E. Roulet
Polysemy, C. Brugman
Pragmatic particles, A. Foolen
Public discourse, S. Sarangi
Cumulative Table of Contents 3
Register, N. Dittmar
Sapir, J. Vermeulen
Semantics-Pragmatics interface, K. Turner
Sign, E. Wouters
Signed language pragmatics, T. Janzen, B. Shaffer & S. Wilcox
Social institutions, R. Watts
Speech community, B. Rampton
Terms of address, F. Braun
Text structure, T. Virtanen
Text type, M. Pilegaard & F. Fransen
von Humboldt, D. Clarke & B. Nerlich
Vygotsky, R.van der Veer
Whorf , P. Lee
Word, M. Mithun

 John Benjamins Publishing Co.
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