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TOC: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics Vol.15, No.5

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Message 1: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Volume 15, Number 5, July 2001

Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 00:01:00 GMT
From: sara-info <>
Subject: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Volume 15, Number 5, July 2001

Volume 15, Number 5 (dated July 2001) of:

Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics a journal from Taylor and Francis Ltd
is now available online via the Catchword service, and contains the
following articles:

An investigation of phonological skills in Puerto Rican
Spanish-speaking 2-year-olds 343 - 361 Brian Goldstein; Patricia

The development of speech production following cochlear implantation
363 - 382 
Peter Blamey; Johanna Barry; Cathy Bow; Julia Sarant; Louise Paatsch; 
Roger Wales

The influence of acquired dysarthria on conversational turn-taking 
383 - 398
Pamela Comrie; Catherine MacKenzie; James McCall

About time: a comparison of computerized and manual procedures for grammatical
and phonological analysis 
399 - 426
Steven H. Long


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