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Tue Jul 17 2001

Qs: Tagged Corpus/French, Phonology in Translation

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  1. Fr�d�rick Brault, Looking for a French tagged corpus
  2. Joanna Janecka, Phonology in Translation

Message 1: Looking for a French tagged corpus

Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 10:36:53 -0400
From: Fr�d�rick Brault <>
Subject: Looking for a French tagged corpus

I am looking for a free French tagged corpus to validate hypothesis I
am using for my master. I looked a lot on the Internet but didn't find
any. Does somebody know about one I could use?

Thank you.

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Message 2: Phonology in Translation

Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 14:46:42 +0200
From: Joanna Janecka <>
Subject: Phonology in Translation

Hallo Everybody: I've decided to contact you, as I'm currently doing
the reasearch for my PhD Thesis (I've graduated from English Studies
Dept., Univ. of Warsaw, my major was Translation Studies). The
general field of my study is the role of sound associations in the
process of translation. I'm preparing the corpus of my work, however,
as you surely know, I have to underly it with the theory on the
subject. This is actually the reason of my mailing to you: I'd like
to ask whether you may have happened to come across any mention on
translating the sound in theoretical works? A lot has been written on
translation so far, however it is really difficult to find anything on
sounds (phonology, associations, the question of translatability of
sounds) in translation. Thus, I think I have to incorporate the
theory on contrastive phonology into my research. Catford approaches
the subject from the linguistic point of view (which is what I want to
concentrate upon), mentioning the replacement of SL phonological layer
with non-equicalent TL phonology, but this is maybe one paragraph, not
more, and he seems to be the only one to touch upon the subject (out
of all works that I had a contact with) The rest is devoted to
translating poetry (which is obvious for the melody of a poem is its
crucial factor), however, it's still practice, rather than theory...
Anyway, I'd be very very grateful for any hint. 

Best Regards,

 Joanna Janecka
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