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Thu Jul 19 2001

Calls: NLP/Neural Networks, 13th Amsterdam Colloquium

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  1. isahara, Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks (NLPNN2001)
  2. Rosja Mastop, The Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium (AC2001)

Message 1: Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks (NLPNN2001)

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 20:15:10 +0900
From: isahara <>
Subject: Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks (NLPNN2001)


 Call for Papers --- NLPRS2001 Workshop	

 The Second Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks 
 Tokyo, Japan, November 30, 2001 

Artificial neural networks (ANN) based natural language processing (NLP)
research began in the early 1980s with papers on implementing semantic
networks in ANNs, word-sense disambiguation, anaphora resolution, and
syntactic parsing. Since then, with the boom of NLP research based on
very large corpora, the ANN, as a powerful parallel and distributed
learning/processing machine, has attracted a great deal more attention
from both the ANN and NLP researchers and has been successfully used in
many areas of NLP.

This second workshop on NLP and ANN is to be held in Tokyo as a
post-conference workshop of NLPRS2001. It continues the work of the
first workshop on NLP and ANN, NLPNN99, successfully held in Beijing
two years ago. NLPNN2001 will provide a forum for researchers in the
areas of ANN and NLP who are interested in advancing the state of the
art in developing NLP techniques using neural networks.

For more information on NLPRS2001, see

The papers presented at NLPNN99 are available from

Submissions are invited on all NLP topics in the context of using ANN
techniques. A submission consists of a two-page summary (2000 words or
less), accompanied by paper title, author information including full
names, affiliations of all authors, and the postal and email addresses
of the corresponding author.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Workshop Program Committee, and
authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by email.

Submit by email to


Summary submission deadline: July 31, 2001
Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2001
Camera ready papers due: 	September 26, 2001

After acceptance notification, the authors are requested to make
camera-ready papers no more than 8 pages long, and in the format
prescribed by NLPRS 2001. The detailed guidline for preparing final
complete papers will be annonced later.

Inquiries concerning the workshop can be sent to one of the organizers 
either by email to or by post to the following address:

Dr. Qing Ma 
Computational Linguistics Group
Keihanna Human Info-Communication Research Center
Communications Research Laboratory
2-2-2 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0289, Japan

Hitoshi Isahara (Communications Research Laboratory, Japan)
Qing Ma (Communications Research Laboratory, Japan)

Program Committee
Qing Ma (Communications Research Laboratory, Japan), Chair
Gary Geunbae Lee (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)
Bao-Liang Lu (RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan)
Caroline Lyon (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
Daniel Memmi (LEIBNIZ-IMAG, France)
Risto Miikkulainen (University of Texas, USA)
Ron Sun (University of Missouri-Columbia, USA)
Naoto Takahashi (AIST, Japan) 
Stefan Wermter (University of Sunderland, UK)
Byoung-Tak Zhang (Seoul National University, Korea)
Ming Zhou (Microsoft Research China, China)
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Message 2: The Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium (AC2001)

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:22:32 +0200
From: Rosja Mastop <>
Subject: The Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium (AC2001)

 AC2001 - The Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium - December 17-19, 2001

 Second Call for Papers

The Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium will be held from December 17-19, 2001
at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Colloquia aim at bringing
together linguists, logicians, philosophers and computer scientists who
share an interest in the formal study of semantics of natural and formal
languages. The spectrum of topics covered ranges from descriptive (semantic
analyses of all kinds of expressions) to theoretical (logical and
computational properties of semantic theories, philosophical foundations).

The program of the Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium consists of:

* General Program, which includes invited lectures by:
 Reinhard Blutner (Berlin) - Gennaro Chierchia (Milan)- Ruth Kempson
(London) - 
 Angelika Kratzer (Amherst)

* Workshop on Semantics and Cognition, with invited lectures by:
 Ted Briscoe (Cambridge) - Simon Garrod (Glasgow)- Jonathan Ginzburg
 Pieter Muyskens (Nijmegen) - Luc Steels (Antwerp)

* Workshop on Games in Language and Logic, which includes an invited
lecture by:
 Rohit Parikh (CUNY) - Robert Stalnaker (MIT) - Robert Sugden (East Anglia)

* A special evening session, organized by the Evert W. Beth Foundation,
which features the Beth Lecture given by:
 Hans Kamp (Stuttgart)

In the General Program there is room for presentations of approx. 30
contributed papers in parallel sessions. These papers can be on any
topic within the scope of the Colloquium. Time allotted for
presentation is 30 minutes, including discussion.

Submission of abstracts

Your submission should consist of:

1. An anonymous abstract of two pages (1000 words max). The abstract
must include a short 10 line summary, which clearly indicates subject
matter and conclusions of your contribution.

2 A separate page on which are specified: your name, affiliation, postal
address, e-mail address and the title of your contribution. (It should
contain the same data for co-authors, if any.)

Submission by e-mail is encouraged, provided that the abstract and summary,
and the personal details page are sent as separate attachments in either
postscript, pdf or Word format. Submissions in other file formats can not
be accepted.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is September 1, 2001. Authors
will be notified of acceptance by October 15. Extended 6 page abstracts, to
be included in the proceedings, are due on November 15. The proceedings
will be distributed at the conference.

Multiple submissions are admitted, but no single author is allowed to give
more than one presentation. In case authors are involved in more than one
submission, one or more of which are co-authored, it should be indicated
clearly which author is actually going to give the presentation. Program

All abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by the AC2001 Program
Committee, which consists of:
 Renate Bartsch (Amsterdam) - Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam) - Reinhard
Blutner (Berlin)-
 Gennaro Chierchia (Milan) - Jeroen Groenendijk (Amsterdam) - Angelika
Kratzer (Amherst) -
 Ruth Kempson (London) -Frank Veltman (Amsterdam)

Important Dates

June 1: Second Call for papers
September 1: Deadline for submissions
October 15: Notification of acceptance
November 15: Deadline for proceedings
December 17-19: Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium


The Amsterdam Colloquia are organized every two years under the auspices of
the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) of the
Universiteit van Amsterdam. The organizing committee of the Thirteenth
Amsterdam Colloquium consists of: Robert van Rooy, Martin Stokhof, Rosja


For further information, contact:
Organizing Committee Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium
ILLC/Department of Philosophy, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15, 1012 CP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
phone:+31 20 5254531, fax: +31 20 5254503
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