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Thu Jan 25 2001

Calls: Language Acquisition, Text/Speech/Dialogue

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  1. Paul Peranteau, Annual Review of Language Acquisition
  2. tsd2001 Matousek, Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)

Message 1: Annual Review of Language Acquisition

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:53:12 -0500
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Annual Review of Language Acquisition


John Benjamins Publishing Company invites submissions for


Lynn Santelmann, Portland State University
Maaike Verrips, Utrecht University
Frank Wijnen, Utrecht University

The Annual Review is devoted to research in the domain of first language
acquisition, i.e., the process of acquiring command of a first language. It
focuses on research which has been reported in recently defended Ph.D.
theses. The major share of contributions to the yearbook consist of 10.000
word (approximately) excerpts from, or edited summaries of, dissertations
addressing issues in first language acquisition, including bilingual first
language acquisition. These papers should be written by the original author
of the dissertation, conform to the format of a journal article, and thus
be comprehensible without reference to the source text.

The Annual Review publishes reports of original research pertaining to
various approaches to first language and bilingual first language
acquisition, be it experimental, observational, computational, clinical or
theoretical, provided that the work is of high quality. The Annual Review
also welcomes studies in which first language acquisition is compared to
second language acquisition, as well as studies on language acquisition
under abnormal conditions. In all of the areas covered, the Annual Review
of Language Acquisition is dedicated to creative and groundbreaking research.

The yearbook, in its printed form, will be supplemented by an
attractive website. The website will give access to electronic copies
of the printed papers, but, more importantly, will also present
background materials such as a resume for the author, excerpts of
audio or video materials related to the reported research, tips for
further reading, and links to relevant websites.

Any student who has a dissertation completed between October 1999 and
December 2000 is invited to submit a manuscript based on this work. In
order to be eligible for publication, the manuscript should be of
outstanding quality. Particularly, contributions are sought which excel
with regard to the integration of behavioral data and (psycho)linguistic
theorizing. More specifically, the Annual Review solicits papers which:

? develop new theoretical ideas to account for a set of facts;
? open up a new empirical domain or new set of data, e.g. explore a
relatively unknown language, or apply a new or unknown experimental approach;
? report findings that are considered important for pertinent debates in
the field.

Submitted papers will be thoroughly reviewed by at least two members of the
editiorial board and/or external advisers.

In addition to the research reports sketched above, each issue of the
Annual Review will contain one critical review of the state-of-the-art in a
subdomain of first language acquisition research. This paper will be
commissioned by the editors.

Deadline for submissions to the 2002 issue (Vol. 2): April 1, 2001

Address for correspondence:		Editors of ARLA
					UIL-OTS, Utrecht University
					Trans 10
					3512 JK Utrecht
					The Netherlands

For further information, write to:

ARLA Editorial Board

Peter Culicover, The Ohio State University
Katherine Demuth, Brown University
Jeff Elman, UCSD
Louann Gerken, University of Arizona
Marco Haverkort, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Jack Hoeksema, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Angeliek van Hout, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Nina Hyams, UCLA
Claartje Levelt, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Laurence B. Leonard, Purdue University
Natascha M�ller, Universit�t Hamburg
Johanne Paradis, University of Alberta
William Philip, Universiteit Utrecht
Susan Powers, Universit�t Potsdam
Thomas Roeper, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Petra Schulz, Universit�t Konstanz
Ann Senghas, Barnard College
William Snyder, University of Connecticut
Dan Swingley, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Karin Stromswold, Rutgers University
Jill de Villiers, Smith College

Paul Peranteau (
P O Box 27519			Ph: 215 836-1200
Philadelphia PA 19118-0519	Fax: 215 836-1204
John Benjamins Publishing Co. website:
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Message 2: Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 12:48:11 +0100 (MET)
From: tsd2001 Matousek <>
Subject: Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)


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 An International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)

 September 10 - 13, 2001

 Zelezna Ruda, Czech Republic


 F I R S T A N N O U N C E M E N T 

 A N D 

 C A L L F O R P A P E R S


TSD 2001 will be organized by the Faculty of Applied Sciences,
University of West Bohemia, Plzen (Pilsen), and the Faculty of
Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, under the auspices of the Dean
of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia.

Conference topics:
- ----------------
TSD 2001 will be concerned with topics in the field of natural
language processing, in particular: 
- corpora, texts and transcription; 
- speech analysis, recognition and synthesis; 
- their intertwinnig within NL dialogue systems.

Topics of the TSD 2001 Conference will include 
 (but are not limited to): 
- text corpora and tagging; 
- transcription problems in spoken corpora; 
- sense disambiguation; 
- links between text and speech oriented systems; 
- parsing issues, especially parsing problems in spoken texts; 
- multilingual issues, especially multilingual dialogue systems; 
- information retrieval and text/topic summarization; 
- speech modeling; 
- speech segmentation; 
- speech recognition; 
- text-to-speech synthesis; 
- speech and motions;
- dialogue systems; 
- development of dialogue strategies; 
- assistive technologies based on speech and dialogue; 
- applied systems and software.

The official language of the event will be English, but papers on
issues relating to text and speech processing in languages other than
English are strongly encouraged.

Format of the conference:
- ---------------------
TSD 2001 will be an international conference with a limited number of
active participants. The conference program will include presentation
of three invited papers by keynote speakers, a limited number of 
general oral presentations, and a poster/demonstration sessions. 
Papers will be presented in plenary or topic oriented sessions. A 
special attention will be paid to the arrangement of thematic oriented
poster sections extended by short oral presentations.

- ----------
The contributions to the conference will be published in proceedings
that will be made available to participants at the time of the
conference. The proceedings will be published by Springer in the
series of Lecture Notes of Artificial Intelligence (LNAI).

- ----
The international conference will take place in the comfortable hotel 
Horizont in Sumava Mountains. The hotel is located 1100 m above sea 
level in the Bohemian Forest Nature Preserve and 3 km far from the 
centre of Zelezna Ruda town. 

Social events:
- ------------
The international conference will also include some social events and 
trips to the most popular places - Sumava National Park, Black and 
Devil's lake, Laka lake, district city of Klatovy, Klenova castle and 
Grosser Arber in Bayerischer Wald on the German side of the border.

How to reach Zelezna Ruda:
- ---------------------------
Zelezna Ruda has very good train connections with Prague, Pilsen and 
Munich. Distances of the nearest airports (Prague-Ruzyne, Munich) 
from Zelezna Ruda are about 200 km. More detailed travel information 
will be posted on the TSD 2001 Web site in due course.

Registration Cost:
- ----------------
Registration fee is $220 (including meals, accommodation, organizing 
costs, conference proceedings, social events). Student reductions will 
be available.

- ------------
The hotel Horizont has 90 double rooms. Each room has its own shower 
toilet, telephone, nd TV set. The hotel also offers many attractive 
hotel services.

Important dates:
- --------------
 March 15, 2001 Preliminary registration and deadline for 
 submission of papers

 April 30, 2001 Notification of acceptance or rejection 

 May 30, 2001 Camera-ready paper submission

 Sept. 10-13, 2001 TSD 2001

International program committee:
- ------------------------------
 Frederick Jelinek, USA - general chair

 Hynek Hermansky, USA - executive chair

 Genevieve Baudoin, France - speech
 Frantisek Cermak, Czech Rep. - text
 Attila Ferencz, Romania - speech
 Eva Hajicova, Czech Rep. - text, speech
 Patrick Hanks, GB - text
 Eduard Hovy, USA - text, speech
 Adam Kilgariff, GB - text
 Ivan Kopecek, Czech Rep. - speech, text
 Steven Krauwer, Netherland - text
 Karel Kucera, Czech Rep. - text
 Vaclav Matousek, Czech Rep. - speech
 Rosamund Moon, GB - text
 Elmar Noeth, Germany - speech
 Karel Pala, Czech Rep. - text
 Nikola Pavesic, Slovenia - speech
 Vladimir Petkevic, Czech Rep. - text
 Josef Psutka, Czech Rep. - speech
 E.G. Schukat-Tallamazini, Germany - speech
 Pavel Skrelin, Russia - speech
 Taras Vintsiuk, Ukraine - speech
 Yorick Wilks, GB - text

Organizing committee:
- -------------------
	Vaclav Matousek (chair) 
	Helena Benesova 
	Kamil Ekstein 	
	Jana Hesova 
	Svatava Kindlova
	Jana Kleckova 
	Ivan Kopecek
	Jana Krutisova 
	Josef Masek 
	Pavel Mautner 
	Roman Moucek 
	Jana Ocelikova 
	Karel Pala 
	Pavel Slavik 
	Petr Sojka 
	Karel Tauser 

- -----------
The registration fee should be paid directly by bank transfer to:

 Komercni banka Plzen-mesto,
 Goethova 1, CZ-305 95 Plzen

account number : 4811530257/0100

purchase order : 5204/0003/00

special ID code: your birth date in the form YYMMDD (year - month 
 - day), e.g. 550425

account holder: University of West Bohemia,
 Univerzitni 8, CZ - 306 14 Plzen

stating: TSD 2001 and your name

Submission of papers:
- ----------------------
Full papers (max. 8 pages in Springer LNCS format) will be required to 
reach a decision about acceptance or rejection. First versions of 
papers submitted for acceptance could be prepared in ASCII format 
only. Full papers should be submitted to the TSD 2001 Secretariat, 
preferably by email (, by March 15th, 2001. Please 
contact the Conference Secretariat if receipt of your email 
submission is not acknowledged within 7 days. It is intended to post 
abstracts of papers accepted on the TSD 2001 web site in advance of 
the conference.
Please include the following information with your paper:
- title of paper, author name(s), author(s) affiliation(s)
- e-mail/address/fax of author(s) contact(s)
- presentation preference: oral or poster/demonstration.
Authors of accepted papers will be requested to send their papers in 
LateX and PostScript form (in LNCS format) to the conference secretariat 
by e-mail before June 1st. LaTeX word processor is required. Format 
instructions (and LNCS LaTeX format) will be available to authors on 
the TSD 2001 Web site.
The conference proceedings will be traditionally published by 
Springer-Verlag in LNCS/LNAI series (numbers of previous proceedings 
- LNAI 1692 and LNAI 1902).

Conference secretariat:
- ---------------------
All correspondence regarding the conference should be addressed to:

Ms. Helena Benesova 
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen 
Faculty of Applied Sciences 
Department of Computer Science
Univerzitni 8
CZ - 306 14 PLZEN
Czech Republic 

Tel: (+420 19) 7491 212, 27 62 50
Fax: (+420 19) 7491 213 


To obtain more information please visit the TSD 2001 Web site:

- -------------------------- cut here -------------------------------

 TSD 2001, September 10-13, 2001, Zelezna Ruda, Czech Republic

 Preliminary registration

 Please return this form to the Conference Secretariat




Phone: Fax:


I would like to participate in TSD 2001 as a

[ ] Full participiant [ ] Student

[ ] I propose to submit a full paper entitled:

Preferred presentation: [ ] oral [ ] demo / poster
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