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Thu Aug 9 2001

Books: Grammar, Syntax

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  1. Joyce Reid, Grammar: Case by Barry J. Blake
  2. Joyce Reid, Syntax: The Syntax of Adjuncts by Thomas Ernst

Message 1: Grammar: Case by Barry J. Blake

Date: 07 Aug 2001 17:00:19 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Grammar: Case by Barry J. Blake

Second Edition

Barry J. Blake, La Trobe University, Victoria

This book is a concise and accessible introduction to the ways in
which relations between words in sentences are marked in
languages. The author describes the systems of suffixes familiar from
languages like Latin and also the roles of prepositions, postpositions
and the use of the pronominal elements on verbs. This new edition
incorporates expanded discussions of the key concepts, taking into
consideration current developments in the field, and includes an
updated section on abstract case in the Chomskyian paradigm.

Overview; 2. Problems in describing case systems; 3. Modern approaches
to case; 4. Distribution of case marking; 5. Survey of case marking;
6. Life cycle of case systems; Notes; Guide to terminology; Guide to
further reading; References; Index.

Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics

2002/248 pp.
0-521-80761-1/Hb/List: $59.95*
0-521-01491-3/Pb/List: $21.95*
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Message 2: Syntax: The Syntax of Adjuncts by Thomas Ernst

Date: 07 Aug 2001 13:23:58 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Syntax: The Syntax of Adjuncts by Thomas Ernst

The Syntax of Adjuncts

Thomas Ernst, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, MA

This book proposes a theory of the distribution of adverbial adjuncts
in a Principles and Parameters framework, claiming that there are few
syntactic principles specific to adverbials; rather, for the most
part, adverbials adjoin freely to any projection. A wide range of
adverbial types is analyzed; predicational adverbs (such as manner,
and modal adverbs), domain expressions such as financially, temporal,
frequency, duration, and focusing adverbials; participant PP's
(e.g. locatives and benefactives); resultative and conditional
clauses, and others, taken primarily from English, Chinese, French,
and Italian, with occasional reference to others (such as German and


1: Introduction; 2: The Semantics of Predicational Adverbs; 3: The
Scopal Basis of Adverb Licensing; 4: Arguments for Right-Adjunction;
5: Noncanonical Orders and the Structure of VP; 6: Event-Internal
Adjuncts; 7: Adjunct Licensing in the Aux Range; 8: Adjuncts in
Clause-Initial Projections; 9: Conclusions and Prospects.

Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 96

2001/568 pp./55 line diagrams
0-521-77134-X/Hb/List: $90.00
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