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  1. Joyce Reid, Phonology: Segmental Phonology in Optimality Theory

Message 1: Phonology: Segmental Phonology in Optimality Theory

Date: 06 Aug 2001 14:34:28 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Phonology: Segmental Phonology in Optimality Theory

Segmental Phonology in Optimality Theory
Constraints and Representations
Linda Lombardi, University of Maryland, College Park

It was not clear from early work in optimality theory how the theory could
attack the rich range of phenomena now found in segmental alterations. 
However, there is now a body of work that concentrates on working out the 
details of featural phonology with OT, demonstrating that the theory 
allows superior explanations of the typological possibilities and the
underlying motivations for these phenomena. This volume brings together 
current work by some of the influential researchers in this area, ranging
from the authors of recent influential dissertations to prominent senior

Linda Lombardi, Cheryl Zoll, Robert Kirchner, M�ire N� Chiosain and Jay
Padgett, Joe Pater, Chip Gerfen, Moira Yip, Haruka Fukazawa, Junko Ito and 
Armin Mester.


1; Why Place and Voice are Different: Constraint-Specific Alternations in
Optimality Theory, Linda Lombardi; 2; Constraints and Representations in
Subsegmental Phonology, Cheryl Zoll; 3; Phonological Contrast and Articulatory
Effort, Robert Kirchner; 4; Markedness, Segement Realization, and Locality in
Spreading, M^D'aire N^D'i Chiosain and Jay Padgett; 5; Austronesian Nasal
Substitution Revisited: What's Wrong with *NC (and What's Not), Joe Pater;
6; A Critical View of Licensing by Cue: Codas and Obstruents in Andalusian
Spanish, Chip Gerfen; 7; Segmental Unmarkedness versus Input Preservation in
Reduplication, Moira Yip; 8; Local Conjunction and Extending Sympathy Theory:
OCP Effects in Yucatec Maya, Haruka Fukazawa; 9; Structure Preservation and
Stratal Opacity in German, Junko Ito and Armin Mester.

2001/c. 328 pp./202 line diagrams
0-521-79057-3/Hb/List: $64.95

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