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Books: Morphology and Syntax

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  1. Pauline.Chua, The Grammar of English: Morphology and Syntax for English Teachers...

Message 1: The Grammar of English: Morphology and Syntax for English Teachers...

Date: 24 Aug 2001 13:41:22 -0000
From: Pauline.Chua <>
Subject: The Grammar of English: Morphology and Syntax for English Teachers...

Morphology and Syntax for English Teachers in Southeast Asia
David H. Deterding and Gloria R. Poedjosoedarmo

This book introduces the grammar of English in straightforward
language that is suitable for nonspecialist readers, particularly
English teachers.
The first chapters introduce the basic concepts of word formation,
phrases and clauses using the same pedagogical model of grammar that
most teachers will encounter in their classroom materials. Then there
is an introduction to functional grammar, which considers how
sentences fit together to form coherent texts. Finally, there are
three short chapters considering Chomsky's model of grammar, to allow
teachers to be aware of some modern developments in grammar theory.
In addition, there is one chapter each on the grammar of Singapore
English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay.
This book is designed for teachers in Asia, particularly southeast
Asia, so particular attention has been devoted to ensuring it is
relevant for students in this region.
Table of Contents:
1	Introduction
2	Morphology
3	Word Classes
4	Verbs
5	Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs
6	Phrases
7	Objects and Complements
8	Finite Clauses
9	Nonfinite Clauses
10	Functional Grammar: How Language Works in Context
11	The Grammar of Experience: Grammatical and Semantic Roles
12	The Grammar of the Message: Thematic and Information Structure
13	Sentence Types and Grammatical Processes
14	The Grammar of Interpersonal Exchanges: Communicative Acts and 
 Speech Roles
15	Complex Thematic: Structures and Miscellaneous Other Unusual Structures
16	Transformational Grammar
17	Minimalist Grammar
18	The Innateness Hypothesis
19	Singapore English
20	Mandarin Chinese
21	The Grammar of Malay
22	The Grammar of Tagalog
23	Grammatical Change: Internal vs. External Forces
24	Grammar and Computers
Key to Practice Activities

Prentice Hall, Singapore
ISBN: 0130930091 (paper)
Extent: 272 pages
Pub. date: June 2001
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