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Mon Jan 8 2001

FYI: NSF Funding Opportunities & News

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  1. Catherine N. Ball, NSF Funding Opps & News: Cognitive Neuroscience, ITR, etc.

Message 1: NSF Funding Opps & News: Cognitive Neuroscience, ITR, etc.

Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 12:37:53 -0500
From: Catherine N. Ball <>
Subject: NSF Funding Opps & News: Cognitive Neuroscience, ITR, etc.

Dear Colleagues at U.S. Institutions,

I am pleased to announce several funding opportunities for U.S. 
linguists and language scientists at the National Science Foundation 
and to give you some other news. First, as you may know, the NSF 
Program Director for Linguistics became a 1-2 year 'rotator' position 
in Fall 1999, and my term ends this Spring. Following a successful 
search, a new Program Director will be announced soon. I hope many of 
you will consider a rotation at NSF in the future.

The Linguistics Program supports research in phonetics & phonology, 
formal linguistics, descriptive & historical linguistics, 
sociolinguistics, language acquisition, and psycholinguistics & 
neurolinguistics. Funding includes grants for regular research, 
doctoral dissertation research, conferences and workshops, and group 
travel to international conferences; CAREER awards, small grants for 
exploratory research, and minority research planning grants and 
minority career advancement awards, as described in the NSF Grant 
Proposal Guide and links on our webpage, at . Target dates for submission of 
proposals are January 15 and July 15 each year. Proposals must be 
submitted through an institution in the U.S.

Other important funding opportunities are listed below. Subscribe to 
the NSF Custom News Service ( ) to be 
notified when program announcements or vacancy announcements are 

* Cognitive Neuroscience: this new area of emphasis was announced in 
a Jan. 5 'Dear Colleague' letter at . Proposals may be submitted 
through the Linguistics Program for the Jan. 15 target date. There is 
also an April 16 deadline for proposals for pilot studies, planning 
grants, workshops, and doctoral dissertation research.

* Information Technology Research ( ): ITR is a 
major funding area which cuts across all divisions at NSF. There are 
opportunities here for computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, 
digital archives, computational models, and so on. Deadline for 
'small' proposals (<$500K) is Jan. 22-24.

* Major Research Instrumentation 
( ): The MRI program accepts 
proposals for acquisition or development of research instrumentation. 
Deadline is Feb. 7. Please note that the special Instrumentation 
competition for the social and behavioral sciences has been 
discontinued; future instrumentation proposals should be submitted to 
MRI or (if under $100K) to Linguistics.

* Information Technology Workforce 
( ): ITW welcomes proposals 
that address research questions related to the under-representation 
of women and minorities in the IT workforce. There are opportunities 
here for computational linguistics, sociolinguistics, and so on. 
Deadline is March 19.

* Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education 
( academic institutions apply 
for these awards to support fellowship activities. This could be a 
nice opportunity for linguistics to connect with K-12. Deadline for 
letters of intent is April 3.

* Integrative Graduate Research & Education 
( ): IGERT provides doctoral 
institutions with an opportunity to develop new, focused 
multidisciplinary graduate programs that transcend organizational 
boundaries and unite faculty from several departments or 
institutions. Past awards have supported new graduate programs in the 
cognitive science of language. Deadline for preproposals is June 28.

Other news: Linguistics at NSF is housed within the Division of 
Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences. I am pleased to note that our new 
Division Director is Dr. Philip Rubin (, a speech 
scientist from Haskins Laboratories.

Finally, I hope many of you will join me in congratulating Paul 
Chapin (, Program Director of Linguistics for 24 
years, who retires from NSF on January 15th. Paul received the LSA's 
first Victoria A. Fromkin Distinguished Service Prize in a ceremony 
on Friday Jan. 5th.

 -- Cathy Ball
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Catherine N. Ball, Ph.D.
Program Director, Linguistics
Division of Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences
National Science Foundation
Rm. 995, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington VA 22230
Phone: (703) 292-8731
Attn PIs: FastLane submission req'd as of Oct. 1 2000!
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