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Sun Sep 9 2001

Qs: Greek Markers/Root Lang of Number Words

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  1. Konstantinia Hatzopulu, Greek reflexivity markers
  2. H.M. Hubey, Interesting Number Words

Message 1: Greek reflexivity markers

Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 23:15:43 +0300
From: Konstantinia Hatzopulu <>
Subject: Greek reflexivity markers

Hello everyone, I am doing my Master in Linguistics and my thesis is
on reflexivity markers in Ancient and Modern Greek, particularly the
constructs 'eaftos'/'eafto' and the prefix 'afto-'. I am having
trouble locating bibliography on these markers. If someone has any
idea and could help, I would be most grateful. Thank you very much,
please send any message to I would be
more than willing to post a summary on any comments made and the
bibliography as well.

Thank you,
N. Hatzopulu

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Message 2: Interesting Number Words

Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 10:37:07 -0400
From: H.M. Hubey <>
Subject: Interesting Number Words

I am wondering about the source of these number words. Can they
be from Ossetian or any other Caucasian language?

y=long schwa sound

dys five
duwardys six
dumanawdgi forty six
dumastadgi forty one
dumawdadgi thirty six
dumafindga twenty six
dumaxshey thirty one 
dumensey eleven
dumertin sixteen
dumoshpor twenty one

M. Hubey

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