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Thu Sep 13 2001

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Message 1: Messages of Support

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 21:53:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: linguist <>
Subject: Messages of Support

Dear LINGUIST subscribers,
Like the rest of the world, we here at LINGUIST are shocked and saddened
by the recent terrorist actions in NYC, Washington, and Pennsylvania.
We're sure that we speak for all subscribers, in saying that our thoughts
and prayers are with the survivors, victims, and victims' families,
in this difficult time and we encourage you all to donate blood or
money to the red-cross/cresent/star rescue and support efforts.
	We have heard from people at the linguistics departments at
CUNY and NYU, that to their knowledge at this time no local linguists
were hurt in the incident. Similarly, to our knowledge no linguists
were hurt in the DC or PA disasters. However, We've been told that
some linguists both in NY and elsewhere have lost family members and
friends. This is indeed a great horror.
	As a reflection of this tragedy we've received many many many
messages from linguists around the globe, offering their sympathy,
concern, wishes and support. Again, we are sure we speak for all
people living in the US, when we thank you for your best wishes.
	Due to the gravity of the situation, and the fact that we
were concerned about the health and welfare of linguists and their
families, we relaxed our policies on posting messages with non-linguistic
content. Due to the sheer volume of the outpouring of concern and
sorrow, however, we are unable to post any further messages expressing
grief or concern. Please be assured that we greatly appreciate these
sentiments. We will, however, continue to post messages updating the 
linguistics community on the status of the health of linguists who might 
have been affected by this terrible series of events. As is usual, we 
will not post messages that contain extensive political content that is 
non-linguistic in nature.
	In closing, we'd like to thank again our readers, who come
from every race, every religion, and practically every part of the world,
who participate every day in our online scholarly forum, and present
a model to the world of how people with different backgrounds and beliefs
can work together in unity.

In peace,

Helen, Anthony, Andrew and the rest of the LINGUIST crew.
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