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Fri Sep 14 2001

Confs: Washington CogLink Cognitive Ling Sym 2001

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  1. macgregd, Washington CogLink Cognitive Linguistics Symposium 2001

Message 1: Washington CogLink Cognitive Linguistics Symposium 2001

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 10:12:42 -0400
From: macgregd <>
Subject: Washington CogLink Cognitive Linguistics Symposium 2001

Washington CogLink
Cognitive Linguistics Symposium 2001

Georgetown University's Department of Linguistics invites the public to 
a symposium devoted to current issues in Cognitive Linguistics. 

Saturday September 29 2001
10.00 am - 5.00 pm
107 Bunn InterCultural Center
Georgetown University

Cognitive Linguistics is a relatively new approach to the study of
language that has been generating growing attention and excitement
over the past few years. The study of cognitive metaphor
(e.g. Fauconnier, Lakoff, Sweetser, Turner), construction grammar
(e.g. Fillmore, Goldberg), cognitive grammar (e.g. Langacker) and
linguistic relativity (e.g. Levinson, Slobin) represent some of the
more well known areas of investigation. In recent years, CL has been
drawing the attention of researchers from such diverse areas as
discourse analysis and pragmatics (e.g. Chafe, Gumperz, Hopper,
Levinson), first language acquisition (e.g. Bates, Slobin, Tomasello),
SLA and psycholinguistics (e.g. Bley-Vroman, Ellis, Garrod, Sandra).

The presentations at the CogLink Symposium promise an exciting
introduction to a range of issues currently being addressed in CL and
how CL links to various foci within the field of linguistics

The program includes papers in the following areas:

LANGUAGE ACQUISITION: Michael Israel, U. of Maryland & Max Planck Institute

DISCOURSE ANALYSIS: Kristen Mulrooney, Georgetown U. & Gallaudet U.

HUMOR STUDIES: Akiko Fujii, Georgetown University

MULTIMODAL DISCOURSE: Scott Liddell, Gallaudet University

GRAMMAR/PRAGMATICS David MacGregor, Georgetown University
 INTERFACE: K. Seon Jeon, Georgetown University

COGNITION METAPHOR: Joseph Grady, University of Maryland
 Sarah Taub, Gallaudet University
 Mari Takada, Georgetown University 

PSYCHOLINGUISTICS: Andrea Tyler, Georgetown University
 Olga Liamkina, Georgetown University

AMERICAN SIGN Scott Liddell, Gallaudet University
 LANGUAGE: Sarah Taub, Gallaudet University
 Kristin Mulrooney, Georgetown U. & Gallaudet U.

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