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Mon Jan 29 2001

Confs: Workshop on Sentence Processing/ Germany

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  1. Sandra Muckel, Workshop on Sentence Processing - Leipzig, Germany

Message 1: Workshop on Sentence Processing - Leipzig, Germany

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 15:18:07 +0100
From: Sandra Muckel <>
Subject: Workshop on Sentence Processing - Leipzig, Germany

 *** ***
 *** ***
 *** 23rd Annual Meeting 
 *** of the German Society ***
 *** for Linguistics (DGfS) *** 
 *** 28 February to 2 March 2001 in Leipzig ***
 *** Germany ***
 *** ***
 *** Workshop 6 ***
 *** The influence of lexical information ***
 *** on sentence comprehension ***
 *** ***

We are pleased to announce the following contributions to workshop 6:

Matt Crocker: The Role of Lexical Probabilities in Human Sentence

Stefan Frisch, Anja Hahne, & Angela Friederici: Argument structure
defeated - How the parser gives priority to phrase structure information

Tom Gunter: When syntax meets semantics: ERPs reveal early autonomy and
late interaction

Anja Hahne: Auditory sentence comprehension in native and second
language listeners as revealed by ERPs

Barbara Hemforth, Lars Konieczny, & Michael Walter: Extraposition
in relative clause attachment: just an effect of delay?

Lars Konieczny & Barbara Hemforth: Lexical sentence processing revisited

Monique Lamers: The use of different sorts of information in senctence
processing: three event-related potential studies

Monika Lueck, Anja Hahne & Harald Clahsen: Dissociations of regular and
irregular German plurals in an auditory ERP study

Christoph Scheepers: Use of Probabilistic Constraints in Head-final
Sentence Comprehension?

Britta Stolterfoht, Joerg. D. Jescheniak, & Anja Hahne: The use of
information for resolving syntactic category ambiguities

Judith Streb, Erwin Hennighausen, & Frank Roesler: Analyzing the 
Resolution Process of Different Referential Constructions

David Swinney, Lewis Shapiro, & Arild Hestvik: The role of lexical 
knowledge in guiding elipsis during sentence comprehension

For details see:

Workshop organization:

Sandra Muckel, University of Leipzig, <>
Silke Urban, MIT, <urbansMIT.EDU>
Markus Bader, University of Konstanz, <>
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