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Books: Language Acquisition

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  1. Jessica Balaschak, Language Acquisition: Weissenborn, 2 volumes

Message 1: Language Acquisition: Weissenborn, 2 volumes

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 10:21:30 -0400
From: Jessica Balaschak <>
Subject: Language Acquisition: Weissenborn, 2 volumes

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John Benjamins Publishing announces the publication of this two volume set
in the field of Language Acquisition:

Approaches to Bootstrapping.
Phonological, lexical, syntactic and neurophysiological aspects of early
language acquisition.
J=FCrgen Weissenborn(University of Potsdam), Barbara Hohle(University of
Potsdam) (eds.)

Volume 1.
Language Acquisition and Language Disorders 23
United States and Canada: 1 55619 992 9 / USD 86.00 (Hardcover)
Rest of the world: 90 272 2491 9 / NLG 190.00 (Hardcover)

Volume 2.
Language Acquisition and Language Disorders 24
United States and Canada: 1 55619 993 7 / USD 91.00 (Hardcover)
Rest of world: 90 272 2492 7 / NLG 200.00 (Hardcover)

Volume 1 of Approaches to Bootstrapping focuses on early word learning
and syntactic development with special emphasis on the bootstrapping
mechanisms by which the child using properties of the speech input
enters the native linguistic system. Topics discussed in the area of
lexical acquisition are: cues and mechanisms for isolating words in
the input; special features of motherese and their role for early word
learning; the determination of first word meanings; memory and related
processing capacities in early word learning and understanding; and
lexical representation and lexical access in early language

The papers on syntactic development deal with the acquisition of
grammatical prosodic features for learning language specific syntactic

Volume 2 of Approaches to Bootstrapping focuses on the interaction
between the development of prosodic and morphosyntactic knowledge as
evidenced in the early speech of Dutch, English, German, Portugese,
Spanish, Danish, Islandic, and Swedish children sheding new light on
the relation between universal and language specific aspects of
language acquisition. Another section of this volume deals with new
approaches to language acquisition using ERP- techniques. The papers
discuss in detail the relation between the development of language
skills and changes in neurophysiological aspects of the brain. The
potentials of these techniques for the development of new tools for an
early diagnosis of children who are at risque for developmental
language disorders are also pointed out. The closing section contains
a synopsis of interactionist approaches to language acquisition, a
discussion of the genetic and experiential origin of primitive
linguistic elements in acquisition, and a discussion of structural and
developmental aspects of bird song in comparison to human language.

The two volumes making up Approaches to Bootstrapping present a
state-of-the art interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic overview of
recent developments in first language acquisition research.

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Offices: Philadelphia
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