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Wed Sep 26 2001

Confs: Phonetics-Phonology Interface, Berlin

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  1. Marzena Rochon, Conference on the Phonetics-Phonology Interface

Message 1: Conference on the Phonetics-Phonology Interface

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 09:37:17 +0200
From: Marzena Rochon <>
Subject: Conference on the Phonetics-Phonology Interface

Conference on the Phonetics-Phonology Interface
11-13 October 2001
ZAS, Berlin, room 006, J�gerstr. 10/11

In recent years there has been increased interest among phonologists and
phoneticians in incorporating phonetic explanations in phonological analyses
and in conducting experimental work within the framework of "laboratory
The goal of this conference is to discuss the relation between phonetics and
phonology from a broad perspective. 

The Program

Thursday, 11 October

14:00-15:00 Ian Maddieson (University of California at Berkeley)
Typological patterns-geographical distribution and phonetic explanation

15:00-15:35 Lisa Lavoie (MIT)
Subphonemic consonant variation

15:35-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-16:35 Nathalie Vallee, Louis-Jean Boe, Jean-Luc Schwartz & Pierre
Badin (Institut de la Communication Parlee, CNRS, Universite Stendhal)
The weight of substance in phonological structures of the world's languages

16:35-17:10 Hansook Choi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Acoustic cues for the Korean stop contrast; cross-dialectal variation

17:10-17:45 Bushra A. Zawaydeh & Kenneth J. de Jong (Dictaphone, an L&H
Company, Burlington, Mass. and Indiana University)
Arabic uvularization patterns and a phonology of contrast expression

Friday, 12 October

9:30-10:30 Edward Flemming (Stanford University)
Vowel reduction and duration-dependent undershoot

10:30-11:05 Joaquin Romero (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona)
Temporal reduction effects in diachronic change: rhotacism

11:05-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:05 Hyunsook Kang, Jeong-Im Han & Un-il Baik (Hanyang University,
Konkuk University, Hanyang University)
Tapping in Korean dialects

12:05-12:40 Jonathan Barnes (University of California at Berkeley)
Syllable-weight isochrony and speech timing in Turkish

12:40-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:05 Kenneth de Jong, Byung-Jin Lim & Kyoko Nagao (Indiana University)
The interaction of syllabification and voicing perception in American English

15:05-15:40 Rachid Ridouane (CNRS-Universite Paris 3)
Syllabification in Tashlhiyt Berber, phonetic and phonological arguments

15:40-16:15 Zoe Toft (SOAS, University of London)
>From phonetics to phonology and back again: syllabic consonants in Southern
British English

16:15-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-17:30 Janet Pierrehumbert (Northwestern University)
Beyond contrast and ease

Saturday, 13 October

9:30-10:30 Carlos Gussenhoven (University of Nijmegen)
Why Schleifton causes monophthongization

10:30-11:05 Steve Winters (The Ohio State University)
Perceptual influences on patterns in place assimilation: a case study

11:05-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:05 Jeff Mielke (The Ohio State University)
Turkish /h/ deletion: evidence for the interplay of speech perception and

12:05-12:40 Marie-Helene Cote (Universite d'Ottawa)
The role of perception in the resolution of consonant clusters

12:40-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:30 Paul Boersma (University of Amsterdam)
How to learn phonetic richness if surface representations are poor

15:30-16:05 Marianne Pouplier & Louis Goldstein (Haskins Laboratories & Yale
Asymmetries in speech errors: production, perception and underspecification

16:05-16:20 Coffee Break

16:20-17:15 Daniel Recasens (Universitat Aut�noma de Barcelona & Institut
d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona)
Phonetic correlates of syllable position in heterosyllabic consonant
clusters. Implications for sound change

17:15-17:50 John Harris (University College London)
The phonological value of noise

1. Sarka Simackova (Palacky University Olomouc)
Trilled r in Czech and Serbian
2. Georgios Tserdanelis (The Ohio State University)
Segmental correlates of prosodic and syntactic parsing; evidence from Greek
3. Bertus van Rooy & Gerhard B. van Huyssteen (Potchefstroom University,
South Africa)
Diphthongs and stress placement in Black South African English

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