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TOC: Australian Journal of Linguistics, Vol. 21 No.2

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Message 1: Australian Journal of Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 2

Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 00:00:42 GMT
From: sara-info <>
Subject: Australian Journal of Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 2

Volume 21, Number 2 (dated October 2001) of:

Australian Journal of Linguistics, A journal from Carfax Publishing,
part of the Taylor & Francis Group is now available online via the
Catchword service, and contains the following articles:

Anna Wierzbicka and the Trivialization of Australian Culture 181 - 194
W. S. Ramson

Australian Culture and Australian English: A Response to William
Ramson 195 - 214 Anna Wierzbicka

'Capturing a Sound Change': A Real Time Study Over 15 Years of the
Diphthong Merger in New Zealand English 215 - 238 Elizabeth Gordon;
Margaret Maclagan

The Indigenous Linguistic Response to Missionary Authority in the
Pacific 239 - 260 Terry Crowley

Book Reviews 261 - 285


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