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Fri Sep 28 2001

Qs: Turkish Coordinating Conj, Taliban Lang/Balochi

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  1. John R Te Velde/forlang/cas/Okstate, Question on Turkish
  2. steven donahue, Language of the Taliban

Message 1: Question on Turkish

Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 16:17:54 -0500
From: John R Te Velde/forlang/cas/Okstate <>
Subject: Question on Turkish

Dear Linguists,

About a year ago I received the following construction from a fellow
Linguist Listserv member as an example of an "RNR" construction in Turkish.
Today I have a question about it: Could someone explain to me the position
of the coordinating conjunction, which appears to be after the subject of
the conjoined clause? This order of subject and coordinating conjunction
doesn't occur in any other language that I have data for. Is this
construction grammatical? Is the other "normal" ordering (c. conj. -
subject) also possible?

 Ahmet Hasan karides-i ei Mehmet te istiridye-yi ye-sin
isti-yor (Turkish)
 A. H. shrimp.ACC M. and oyster.ACC eat.SUBJUNCT want

Thanks so much!

John te Velde
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Message 2: Language of the Taliban

Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 22:04:40 -0400
From: steven donahue <>
Subject: Language of the Taliban

I am looking for information on the language of the Taliban, which I
understand to be Balochi. Does anyone have information on this? Is an
online glossary available?

Thank you,
Steven Donahue
Language Magazine
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