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Tue Jan 30 2001

Calls: Generative Ling/Poland, Artificial Intelligence

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  1. GLiP, Generative Linguistics in Poland
  2. Ariel J. Frank, Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (BISFAI-01)

Message 1: Generative Linguistics in Poland

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 01:28:37 +0100 (CET)
From: GLiP <>
Subject: Generative Linguistics in Poland



 (Morpho)phonological meeting

DATES: 7-8 April, 2001
LOCATION: Warszawa (Warsaw)

Sponsored by the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw

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Jerzy RUBACH University of Warsaw / University of Iowa
Tobias SCHEER University of Nice

 3rd Call for Papers

The primary aim of GLiP meetings is to bring together (i) Polish
generative linguists, (ii) generative linguists working in Poland, as
well as (iii) generative linguists working on Polish.

We invite abstracts on any aspect of generative phonology and
morphophonology in any generative approach (Government Phonology,
Lexical Phonology, Optimality Theory). Talks will be organized around
major phonological topics, depending on the content of the

The format of the conference is 20 min for presentation + 10 min
question time. Languages of the conference are English and Polish.

GLiP-3 is the first meeting in this conference series devoted to
phonology and morphophonology, the previous meetings being primarily
syntactic in nature. GLiP-3 marks the beginning of what we intend to
become a rule: (morpho)syntactic meetings in the autumn and
(morpho)phonological meetings in the spring.

We are planning to publish a volume of conference proceedings (see our
web pages for information on the proceedings of the previous

- ------------------

Piotr Banski, University of Warsaw
Beata Lukaszewicz, University of Warsaw
Adam Przepiorkowski, Polish Academy of Sciences

- -----------------

Piotr Banski, University of Warsaw
Edmund Gussmann, University of Gdansk
Beata Lukaszewicz, University of Warsaw
Grazyna Rowicka, HIL / Leiden University
Jerzy Rubach, University of Warsaw / University of Iowa
Tobias Scheer, University of Nice

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Accommodation will be provided at the university hotel. Details are
available from the GLiP web page (see below).

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 - Regular: 80 PLN
 - Student: 40 PLN

- ---

 - DEADLINE for receipt of abstracts: 11 February 2001
 - Notification of acceptance: 5 March 2001
 - Meeting: 7-8 April 2001

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Should be *anonymous* (i.e., they should contain no personal data or
explicit self-references) and consist of up to 700 words, together
with examples and references.

Because abstract forwarding to referees will be done by e-mail
exclusively, the following are the possible formats of attachments, in
*descending* order of preference:

 (Plain Text) > Postscript > PDF > (La)TeX > Word for Windows '97

In cases when there is no need to use special phonetic symbols or
phonological representations/rules, we strongly encourage PLAIN TEXT

We regret to say that other formats will not be accepted.

Should the electronic version of the abstract need special phonetic
fonts apart from the SIL IPA fonts , please
attach them as well. (We strongly discourage this practice though,
and reserve the right to ask for a resubmission in a different

Those who submit abstracts in (*self-contained*!) (La)TeX should best
use the tipa.sty package. See
for pointers to the sites which offer this package for download.

Only one submission per person and one joint submission will be
considered. Abstracts should be written in English or Polish.

Please note: do NOT send abstracts on diskettes. We will accept
*e-mail* submissions *exclusively*.

IMPORTANT: In the plain text part of your email, please supply the
following information:

 - name, title,
 - title of the paper,
 - affiliation,
 - email address,
 - snail mail address.

- -------


Send your abstracts to:

 GLiP-3 Organizing Committee <>

 Please be so kind as to use zip, gzip, bzip2 or some other
 compression utility to COMPRESS the attachment.


- ----------------------

If you are (tentatively) interested in taking part in this conference,
please, send your email address to GLiP-3 Organizing Committee
<>. Most future announcements, changes, etc.,
will be mailed only to registered prospective participants (and not to
general linguistic lists).

Generative Linguistics in Poland
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Message 2: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (BISFAI-01)

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 12:26:02 +0200 (IST)
From: Ariel J. Frank <>
Subject: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (BISFAI-01)

 Call for Papers


 June 25-27, 2001, Israel

 Seventh Bar-Ilan International Symposium on the
 	 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

 HONORING: Yaacov Choueka

The seventh biennial Bar-Ilan International Symposium on the Foundations of 
Artificial Intelligence, will be held on June 25-27, 2001 in Ramat Gan, Israel.
The meeting will honor the research and accomplishments of Yaacov Choueka and 
will therefore place special emphasis on natural language processing and 
computational linguistics. 

Invited Speakers:

 Yaacov Choueka
 Jieh Hsiang
 Daphne Koller
 Richard Korf
 Doug Lenat 
 Moshe Vardi

We solicit papers on substantial research in all areas of Artificial
Intelligence, including, but not limited to the following:

 	foundations		natural language processing
	searching		knowledge representation
	automated reasoning	computational linguistics
	planning		information retrieval
	machine learning	temporal reasoning
	robotics		knowledge-based systems
 	data mining 		AI algorithms
	intelligent agents	probabilistic reasoning

Updates to this announcement and links to the previous symposia can be found 
at the BISFAI website:

Submission Guidelines: 	Extended abstracts should be 6-12 pages in length, 
including references and figures. Submissions should be made electronically, 
as attachments in Postscript or PDF format. Click at the website to submit. 
The official proceedings will be web-based and made available at the BISFAI 

System Demonstrations: We also solicit proposals for demonstrations of
innovative applications of artificialintelligence, of length 1-2 pages. 
Click at the website to submit.

Special Issue: Selected papers will be reviewed for journal publication
in Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.

Multiple Submissions: Papers may be submitted to BISFAI even if submitted to 
other conferences or journals, because the BISFAI website is not archival. 
Of course, if a paper is accepted at an archival conference such as AAAI or 
IJCAI and also presented at BISFAI, this paper must be substantially revised 
and/or extended for consideration for journal publication. 
Previously presented or published papers are unacceptable.

The BISFAI-01 program and schedule will be available online. Abstracts of
invited and accepted papers will be made available on the abstracts page, 
with pointers to online versions of the paper, when available
at the BISFAI website:

Important Dates:
	March 2, 2001	Paper submission deadline
	April 22, 2001	Notification of acceptance
	May 25, 2001	Revised versions due
	June 25-27, 2001 BISFAI conference

Symposium Committee:
 Symposium co-Chairs:	Martin C. Golumbic
				Sarit Kraus
	Program Chair:		Nachum Dershowitz	
	Organization Chair:	Ariel Frank

Program Committee:
 Rachel Ben-Eliyahu (Ben-Gurion U.)	Sarit Kraus (Bar-Ilan U.)
 Rina Dechter (U.C. Irvine)		Nada Lavrac (Jozef Stefan Inst)
 Nachum Dershowitz (Tel-Aviv U.)		Jeff Rosenschein (Hebrew U.)
 Michael Elhadad (Ben-Gurion U.)		Dan Roth (U. of Illinois)
 Yishai Feldman (Interdisciplinary Ctr.)	Onn Shehory (IBM Israel)
 Nissim Francez (Technion)			Lou Steinberg (Rutgers U.)
 Shmuel Klein (Bar-Ilan U.)		Shlomo Zilberstein (U. Mass.)
Further Information or Requests:

 Nachum Dershowitz			Ariel Frank
 Program Chair			Organization Chair
 School of Computer Science	Department of Math and Computer Science
 Tel Aviv University		Bar-Ilan University
 Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978	Ramat Gan, 52900
 Israel				Israel
 Tel.: [+972] 3-640-5356		Tel.: [+972] 3-531-7780
 Fax.: [+972] 3-640-9357		Fax.: [+972] 3-535-3325
 Email:		Email:

 Ariel J. Frank
 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
 Faculty of Exact Sciences
 Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel 52900
 Tel: (972-3-) 5317780, Fax: (972-3-) 5353325
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