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Mon Jan 8 2001

Calls: Linguistics/Literature, Formal Ontology

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  1. Scientific Department, 4th Undergrad Student Conf in Linguistics and Literature
  2. Nicola Guarino, Formal Ontology in Information Systems

Message 1: 4th Undergrad Student Conf in Linguistics and Literature

Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 19:29:14 +0300
From: Scientific Department <>
Subject: 4th Undergrad Student Conf in Linguistics and Literature

The 4th Undergraduate Student Conference in Linguistics and Literature
University of St.Petersburg, Russia
Philological Department
April 9-13, 2001

The following sessions will be held:
Balkan languages
Baltic languages
Modern Greek and Bisantium
Grammar (Romance and Germanic languages)
Grammar and semantics of the Russian language
Historical linguistics
History of Western literature
History of the Russian language
Classical philology
Translation: culture of speech in a foreign language
Lexicology (Romance and Germanic languages)
Lexicology and stylistics
General linguistics
Russian literature: history -- poetics -- stylistics
Russian as a foreign language
Scandinavian languages
Slavic languages
Folklore and modern literature

Application deadline is March 1, 2001. The applications should include
1) personal data of the applicant: first and last name, place of study (year
of studies, specialization), address, phone number, e-mail
2) a short annotation of the talk (about 100 words)
3) a reference letter from the applicant's scientific advisor.

Foreign citizens are requested to submit the questionaire with personal data
(see file attached) and a photo copy of their passport by February 1, 2001.

For further details and to submit the applications, please, contact
Aleksey Andronov
phone.: (812) 324-07-47; 328-95-10
fax: (812) 328-97-65
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Message 2: Formal Ontology in Information Systems

Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 10:09:43 +0100
From: Nicola Guarino <>
Subject: Formal Ontology in Information Systems




October 17-19, 2001

Ogunquit, Maine

Sponsored by ACM

Paper Submission Deadline: April 11, 2001

Research on ontology is becoming increasingly widespread in the computer
science community. Its importance has been recognized in fields as diverse
as e-commerce, enterprise and information integration, qualitative modelling
of physical systems, natural language processing, knowledge engineering,
database design, geographic information science, libraries, and intelligent
information access. Insights in this field have potential impact on the
whole area of information systems. In order to provide a solid general
foundation for this work, it is important to focus on the common scientific
principles and open problems arising from current tools, methodologies, and
applications of ontology.

We envision FOIS to be a unique gathering whose essential character is
strongly interdisciplinary, and truly unlike any other conference. The
program committee includes representatives of three broad disciplines:
computer and information science, philosophy, and linguistics, and includes
researchers from sub-areas as diverse as formal ontology, knowledge
engineering, logic, database design, natural language processing, library
science, knowledge representation, descriptive metaphysics, and geographic
information systems.

Although the primary focus of the conference is on theoretical issues,
methodological proposals as well as papers dealing with concrete
applications from a well-founded theoretical perspective are welcome. We
also encourage those interested in top-level ontologies, web and e-commerce
content standards, and enterprise modeling to participate.

This is the second conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems,
following the first FOIS, held in Trento, Italy in 1998.

The conference will be held in the beautiful Cliff House, an Inn in
the finest New England style that has been in operation since 1872.
The Cliff House is located on Bald Head Cliff, Maine, overlooking the
Atlantic Ocean. The timing of the conference should put us there
during the prime Autumn season, when the leaves will be changing
colors. Conference attendees will have a free afternoon to chat with
colleagues and enjoy the 72 Acres (30 hectares) of ocean front



Papers will be peer reviewed by three members of the program
committee. Reviews of papers will typically be handled by at least
one person outside the primary field of the authors, in order to
encourage a diversity of remarks.

Papers should be 10 pages or less, and submitted in electronic form on
A4 or US Letter size paper. PDF submissions are preferred. Authors not
able to submit electronically must submit five copies of their paper
to the address below by April 11, 2001:

Chris Welty
Vassar College Computer Science Dept.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Fax copies will not be accepted.

Authors submitting papers electronically must submit a plain text
abstract by April 11, 2001, and their final papers by April 17.
Electronic submissions will be collected on the FOIS-2001 web page,


We seek high-quality papers on a wide range of topics. While authors
may focus on fairly narrow and specific issues, all papers should
emphasize the relevance of the work described to formal ontology and
to information systems. Papers that completely ignore one or the
other of these aspects will be considered out of scope. Topics of
particular interest to the conference are:


 * Foundations: mereology, * Knowledge organization,
 constitution, identity, integration and standardization
 integrity, dependence, * Intelligent information access
 causality, vagueness, * B2C and B2B e-commerce
 granularity * Information systems design
 * Kinds of entity: particulars vs. * Knowledge engineering
 universals, continuants vs. * Conceptual modelling
 occurrents, abstracta vs. * Qualitative modelling
 concreta, attributes, relations, * Lexical semantics
 qualities, quantities, events, * Terminology integration
 tropes or moments, states, * Product knowledge integration
 situations, environments * Geographic information systems
 * Matter, space, time, motion, * Legal information systems
 change Business information systems
 * Natural kinds, organisms,
 * The ontology of social reality:
 legal and administrative
 entities, artistic expressions
 * The ontology of information,
 information processing, and
 software products
 * Cognitive foundations of
 ontologies, elicited ontologies,
 cross-cultural ontologies
 Kinds of ontology: top-level
 ontologies, domain ontologies,
 task ontologies, application

 * Ontological and linguistic
 instruments for conceptual
 * Methodologies for ontology
 development, maintenance, and


 Electronic Abstracts: April 11, 2001 The proceedings will probably be
 Final Submission: April 17, 2001 published, as in 1998, in the
 IOS-Press (Amsterdam) bookseries
 "Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence
 and Applcations" and it will be
 distributed to registered



 Nicola Guarino Chris Welty Barry Smith
 National Research Vassar College Computer Seminar Philosophie,
 Council, LADSEB-CNR Science Department Universitaat Koblenz,
 Corso Stati Uniti, 4 Poughkeepsie, NY Rheinau
 I-35127 Padova 12604-0462 56075 Koblenz
 Italy USA Germany

Local Arrangements: Publicity:

James Pustejovsky Bill Andersen
Department of Computer Science and Chief Technology Officer - 
Ontology Works
Volen Center for Complex Systems 1130 Annapolis Road, Suite 203
Brandeis University Odenton, MD 21113
Waltham, MA 02254


 * Paul Buitelaar (Language Technology, DFKI, Germany)
 * Tony Cohn (Division of Artificial Intelligence, Univ. of Leeds, UK)
 * Robert Colomb (School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering,
 The University of Queensland, Australia)
 * Ernest Davis (Deptartment of Computer Science, New York University,
 * Randall Dipert (Dept. of Philosophy, SUNY Buffalo, USA)
 * Carola Eschenbach (Department for Informatics, University of Hamburg,
 * Andrew Frank (Insitute of Geoinformation, Technical University Vienna,
 * Antony Galton (School of Engineering and Computer Science, University
 of Exeter, UK)
 * Aldo Gangemi (ITBM-CNR, Italy)
 * Pierdaniele Giaretta (Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. Padua, Italy)
 * Wolfgang Grassl (Department of Economics and Business, Hillsdale
 College, USA)
 * Mike Gruninger (Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Univ. of Toronto,
 * Nicola Guarino (LADSEB-CNR, National Research Council, Padova, Italy)
 * Patrick J. Hayes (Inst. for Human and Machine Cognition, Univ. of West
 Florida, USA)
 * Heinrich Herre (Institut fuer Informatik, Universitaet Leipzig,
 * Graeme Hirst (Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
 * Ed Hovy (USC/ISI, Los Angeles, USA)
 * Hannu Kangassalo (Department of Computer and Information Sciences,
 University of Tampere, Finland)
 * Fritz Lehmann (CYCorp, Austin, Texas, USA)
 * William E. McCarthy (Department of Accounting, Michigan State
 University, USA)
 * Deborah McGuinness (Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Stanford University,
 * Robert Meersman (Department of Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit
 Brussels, Belgium)
 * Chris Menzel (Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M University, USA)
 * Kevin Mulligan (Deptartment of Philosophy, University of Geneva,
 * John Mylopoulos (Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
 * Sergei Nirenburg (Computing Research Lab., New Mexico State Univ., USA)
 * James Pustejovsky (Department of Computer Science, Brandeis University,
 * Peter Simons (School of Philosophy, Univ. of Leeds, UK and Ontek Corp.,
 * Barry Smith (Seminar Philosophie, Universitaat Koblenz, Germany)
 * Dagobert Soergel (College of Information Studies, University of
 Maryland, USA)
 * Veda Storey (Georgia State University, USA)
 * Austin Tate (Univ. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
 * Mike Uschold (The Boeing Company, USA)
 * Reind Van De Riet (Department of Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit,
 The Netherlands)
 * Achille Varzi (Department of Philosophy, Columbia University, USA)
 * Laure Vieu (IRIT - CNRS, Toulouse, France)
 * Piek Vossen (SAIL Labs, Belgium)
 * Chris Welty (Department of Computer Science, Vassar College, New York,
 * Roel Wieringa (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vrije
 Univ., The Netherlands)

Nicola Guarino
National Research Council	phone: +39 O49 8295751
LADSEB-CNR		fax: +39 O49 8295763
Corso Stati Uniti, 4		email:
I-35127 Padova
(***updated 1/12/2000***)
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