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Wed Oct 10 2001

FYI: EFL Resources Website, Grant Opportunities

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  1. Sean M. Witty, New site for Korean EFL
  2. Michelle Duplissis, IREX 2002-2003 Grant Opportunities for US Scholars

Message 1: New site for Korean EFL

Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 14:11:15 +0900
From: Sean M. Witty <>
Subject: New site for Korean EFL

Greetings all!

We have just created an MSN Community, entitled "EFL Resources in Seoul"
(, that is a prototype 
for a new website dedicated to improving the university EFL situation in 
East Asia. The community is absolutely free, and features the following:

*A list for universities to post available positions that can be sorted by 
start date, university name, type of position, and point of contact. The 
list also features its own ReadMe file that provides advice to employers. 
Teachers looking for positions can easily find the positions they are 
looking for, simply by sorting and scanning this list. 

* A list for teachers to post their qualifications that can be sorted by
name, degree, current employment, and last update. This list also has its 
own ReadMe file that provides advice to teachers. Universities will gain 
an ability they currently don't enjoy; the ability to approach individual 
teachers in the market, rather than the market as a whole.

The site also features several other features you might expect; list and 
links to universities (currently limited to Seoul), embassies, ministries, 
and other important links. Unlike other sites, however, members can add 
more information to the resources, thereby making them better for every

To promote better communication, the community also features a calendar, 
message board, and chat room, where members can exchange information or hold 
special events. The basic premise is that the community belongs to its 
members; they have, therefore, the ability to change things for the better. 
So come on, check it out and sign up today! Together, we can make a 

Sean M. Witty
Adjunct Professor, Kwangwoon University (SEOUL)
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Message 2: IREX 2002-2003 Grant Opportunities for US Scholars

Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 14:03:56 -0400
From: Michelle Duplissis <>
Subject: IREX 2002-2003 Grant Opportunities for US Scholars

IREX is pleased to announce its 2002-2003 grant opportunities for US
scholars. For additional information and requirements for the programs,
please visit the IREX web site. 
With funding from the United States Department of State (Title VIII Program
and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs), National Endowment for
the Humanities, The Starr Foundation, John J. and Nancy Lee Roberts, and its
own Scholar Support Fund, IREX supports the following programs:
Grants of up to $30,000 for two to nine months to US scholars for research
in the social sciences and humanities at institutions in Eastern Europe and
the NIS. Applicants can choose from the Fellowships in Policy Research and
Development or Fellowships in Humanities options. Limited funding is
available for cross-regional research in Turkey and Iran for humanities
Holders of terminal master's degrees are eligible for the IARO program. If
you downloaded the 2002-2003 IARO application prior to September 1, 2001,
you may submit your application using the old form. The only change is that
the eligibility has been expanded to include holders of
terminal master's degrees.
-NEW- Grants for one to three months are now available to master's level
students for research on policy relevant theses or equivalent projects. 
Deadline: November 1, 2001
For more information, please see the IREX web site at
Fully funded, one-year fellowships for non-degree graduate-level academic
programs in the field of Russian area studies, including course work in
conflict resolution, economics, government studies, history, international
relations, and political science at universities throughout the Russian
Federation. The program also includes a public service component and a
professional internship.
Deadline: November 30, 2001
For more information, please see the IREX web site at
IREX, in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson Center for International
Scholars, will hold a symposium for senior and junior US scholars to discuss
a variety of political, economic, historical, and cultural topics related to
the Caspian Sea Region. Junior scholars will be chosen based on a national
competition. Applications must demonstrate a commitment to continued study,
research, and work on and with the countries of the Caspian Sea Region. The
symposium is scheduled for Spring 2002 in the Washington, DC area.
Deadline: December 1, 2001
For more information please see the IREX web site at
Grants of up to nine months for US university faculty and scholars at early
stages of their careers, advanced graduate students, and associate
professors to conduct independent research in the humanities and social
sciences at institutions in the NIS. All research proposals must demonstrate
relevance to the political, economic, social, legal, educational,
historical, and philosophical challenges facing the NIS or the United States
and show how their research will contribute to the advancement of higher
Deadline: January 15, 2002
The web page for the Regional Scholar Exchange Program is currently being
Grants of up to $3,000 for up to two months of travel to Eastern Europe and
the NIS for postdoctoral scholars and professionals with terminal degrees
who do not require administrative support from IREX. These projects in the
social sciences and humanities should demonstrate academic merit and
relevance and contribute to the body of knowledge on these regions through
the dissemination of research results. Limited funding is available for
travel to Turkey and Iran for cross-regional research in the humanities.
Deadline: February 1, 2002
For more information, please see the IREX web site at
A single grant of up to $50,000 for research projects lasting up to 18
months. This program supports cutting-edge research in the social sciences
in Eastern Europe, the NIS, China, Mongolia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
and Iran for scholars with PhD or equivalent terminal degrees. Collaborative
research programs involving international colleagues are strongly
Deadline: April 15, 2002
For more information, please see the IREX web site at
Grants of up to $25,000 to a collaborative team of graduate and/or
postgraduate scholars conducting research for up to one year, focusing on
issues of practical relevance and current interest to academic, corporate,
and policymaking communities. The collaborative team must consist of a
minimum of three people: at least one US citizen or permanent resident and
at least two citizens and current residents of two different countries of
the Black and Caspian Sea region at the time of application.
Deadline: May 1, 2002
For more information, please see the IREX web site at
Eligibility requirements vary by program. Please contact IREX for
applications and further information on these and other programs.
Applications may be downloaded from the web sites.
1616 H Street, NW
6th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
Tel: 202-628-8188
Fax: 202-628-8189
E-mail: <>
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