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Thu Oct 11 2001

Calls: Austronesian Ling, Universal Lang

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  1. Jae Jung Song, Austronesian Linguistics
  2. [** EUC-KR charset **] Ź��, Calls: The Journal of Universal Language

Message 1: Austronesian Linguistics

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 09:25:17 +1300
From: Jae Jung Song <>
Subject: Austronesian Linguistics

Workshop on benefactive marking in Oceanic
languages and languages of Eastern Nusantara

9th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics
8-11 January 2002
ANU. Canberra, Australia.

Recent research on Oceanic languages and languages of Eastern
Nusantara (Eastern Indonesia and East Timor) has shown that there is a
richer variety of benefactive marking than has hitherto been
realised. The strategies range from simple juxtaposition of clauses
(in the absence of any formal marking for benefaction) via polysemous
constructions to specialized benefactive morphology.

The objectives of this workshop are to explore the range of strategies
used to express benefactive functions and to develop a typology of
benefactive constructions for this area. We also hope that the issues
addressed during the workshop will highlight the need for more
detailed data and help to raise the profile of benefactive marking in
future grammatical descriptions.

Among the points of interest for this workshop are:
- types of benefactive constructions and their distribution
- degrees of grammaticalization
- grammaticalization paths to benefactive marking
- semantic subtypes (benefactive, malefactive, behalf, S^)

We invite presentations on any aspect of the description and the
theoretical and historical analysis of benefactive marking in Oceanic
and Eastern Nusantara languages. (Abstracts on other Austronesian
languages are also welcome and will be included if time permits).

Expressions of interest should reach us by November 15th 2001.

Workshop organisers:

Anna Margetts & Jae Jung Song
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Message 2: Calls: The Journal of Universal Language

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 17:17:54 +0900 (GMT+09:00)
From: [** EUC-KR charset **] Ź�� <>
Subject: Calls: The Journal of Universal Language

Second Announcement

The Journal of Universal Language - Calls for Papers 

Honorarium: as a token of our gratitude, the authors whose paper 
 will appear in the journal of universal language
 will be given around $900-$1,000. 

Topic Areas: The journal of universal language is concerned with 
 various areas of artificial language, universality 
 in language, communication & culture in language, 
 endangered language, and language typology. 
 The editors encourage the submission of papers on 
 proposed themes as well as on other topics relevant 
 to the interest of the journal of universal language. 
 Each volume contains two issues, published in march 
 and september. The language of publication is english. 

Format: 1. The length of manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages. 
 2. A 200-word abstract should be given at the beginning of 
 3. Manuscripts should be submitted on a4 paper, with the 
 margins of at least 4cm on all four sides of each sheet. 
 They may be single-spaced and/or double-sided, if desired. 

Important Dates:
 Submission Deadline: December 31, 2001
 Notification of Acceptance: January 31, 2002
 Submission of Camera-Ready Papers: February 28, 2002
 1. Electronic submissions are acceptable. Acceptable file
 formats are postscript (.ps), portable document format (.pdf), 
 ms word (.doc), and plain text. please send your file in an 
 attachment to
 2. For hard copy submissions, please send 3 copies, accompanied 
 by a cover letter which includes the author's name, affiliation, 
 address, and home or office phone number, to:
 Jin-Young Tak, editor
 Department of English Language/Literature, Sejong University 
 dasan-gwan 435 gunja-dong, gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea

For more information:

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