LINGUIST List 12.2574

Mon Oct 15 2001

Qs: Dialogue Testing, Online Maps/Amazonian Langs

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  1. Van den Heuvel M, Mev, Using IRC for Wizard-of-Oz testing?
  2. Dan Everett, Maps on line?

Message 1: Using IRC for Wizard-of-Oz testing?

Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 09:03:32 +0200
From: Van den Heuvel M, Mev <>
Subject: Using IRC for Wizard-of-Oz testing?

A couple of months back my eye caught the title of a paper in the table of
contents of one of the journals LinguistList covers. The paper had something
to do with using a networked text-based interface (possibly the Internet
Relay Chat environment) to test the dialogue in a spoken dialogue system
using a form of the Wizard-of-Oz technique. For the life of me, I can't
remember the journal, the title or the author anymore. Even before I saw it,
I had been thinking of doing something similar with the dialogue of a system
I'm working on. Now I have the time to actively start doing something about
it, and I can't find the reference! 

If this rings a bell with anyone out there, or if you know of any similar
projects, I would really appreciate your dropping me a line directly. The
usual summary will be posted.

Thanks a million!

Maritza van den Heuvel

Department of African Languages
Stellenbosch University
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Message 2: Maps on line?

Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 08:53:49 -0500
From: Dan Everett <>
Subject: Maps on line?

I would like to insert maps in a couple of papers showing the locations of
different Amazonian languages. I wonder if anyone knows of a site on the web
from which maps that can be edited/accept inserts can be found? The maps
shouldn't contain much detail since the purpose is merely to give the
location of a specific language.

Thanks for any leads.


Dan Everett
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