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  1. Nicholas Ostler, Language Description: Endangered Languages and the Media

Message 1: Language Description: Endangered Languages and the Media

Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 20:00:58 +0100
From: Nicholas Ostler <>
Subject: Language Description: Endangered Languages and the Media

The proceedings of the Foundation for Endangered Languages' fifth conference,
in Agadir, are now available:

"Endangered Languages and the Media"
ed. Christopher Moseley, Nicholas Ostler, Hassan Ouzzate
(ISBN 0-9538248-3-7)

It is an 131-page volume, and the contents look like this:

Index of Authors
Index of Languages and Families
Chris Moseley, Nicholas Ostler, Hassan Ouzzate	Prospect:
Endangered Languages and the Media

Section 1
Setting the Scene: Our Place in the Media
George Jones, Keynote Address: The state and the global marketplace 
in the provision of minority media services
Paul Lewis: Local language media:what does it take?
Lachman Khubchandani: Power of the media for the good of small languages: an
Indian experience of enriching diversity

Section 2
How the State Caters for Language Minorities
Samira El Atia & Douglas Kibbee: Language Protection & Cultural Policy
in France
Brigitta Busch: The virtual village square. Media in minority 
languages in the process of media diversification and globalisation: 
An example from Southern Carinthia (Austria)
Jilali Saib: Maintenance & promotion of Berber: the role of the 
electronic media

Section 3
Self-Help: Grass-Roots Solutions for Small Languages
Thomas Sawallis: Language in the Media Environment of the Florida Seminole
Elena Benedicto, Ely Frank, Pulinario Sebasti(++)n, Sim--n Avelino: Indigenous
Presence in the Nicaraguan Media: the Mayangna

Section 4
New Media: a Place for Small Languages in Cyberspace
Mohamed Ouakrim:Promoting the maintenance of endangered languages through
the Internet: the case of Tamazight
Erica McClure: The role of language in the construction of ethnic identity on
the Internet: the case of Assyrian activists in Diaspora
Onno Falkena: Frisian all over the world: the unique experience of one year

Section 5
Open Forum: Some Briefer Thoughts
Tapani Salminen: Television news bulletins in Forest Nenets
Joe Pfaffe & Susan Schulman: Nyae Nyae Revisited - the �village 
Schools Project� in Northern Namibia
Annatjie Louw: Is language shift to English imminent amongst young Afrikaans-
speakers in Rehoboth Gebiet?
Helene E. Hagan: Funding an �ethnic diversity� Public Access Television
Program in the USA
JosZ^ Flores Farf(++)n: The use of different media in reversing language shift
Nahua Illustrations
Mark L. Chamberlin & Heno Sarv: Geographic Center for Interactive 
Interdisciplinary Information

Section 6
Cementing the Community: Media as Carriers of Minority Traditions
Bernard Hervieux: The new vibrations of the traditional "teueikan"
Asunci--n Mart'nez Arbelaiz: Basque in the media
Julia Lonergan & Patricia Small: Tarahumara ritual spectacle in Noriahuachi:
visual metaphor experienced through mass media

Section 7
Language in the Ether: Across Political Boundaries
Aurolyn Luykx: Across the Andean Airwaves: Satellite radio broadcasting
in Quechua
Abdallah El Mountassir: Le sort de la langue berbre ^ travers la dZ^formation
et la transformation du nom propre berbre
Helena Drysdale: Silenced or liberated: Endangered languages in the 
European Union
Foundation for Endangered Languages: Manifesto

Copies are now available to non-members, at 18 pounds sterling ($30 
US) apiece (including surface postage and packing). For air-mail 
dispatch, please add 7.50 pounds/$12.50.
(Members can contact me at the address below for more favourable 
rates. Full members receive a copy automatically.)

You can pay by
- a cheque (in pounds sterling) payable to �Foundation for Endangered 
- a check (in US $) payable to �Nicholas Ostler�.
- proof of having sent an equivalent sum in your own currency to the 
society�s account, �Foundation for Endangered Languages�, Account no: 
50073456, The Cooperative Bank (Sort code: 08-90-02), 16 St. 
Stephen's Street, Bristol BS1 1JR, England.
- or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard), enclosing Card 
number, Expiry date (month | year), Name (as on card), and Address 
(as on card).

To expedite delivery, please send orders to the below address.

 Nicholas Ostler
 Foundation for Endangered Languages
		UK Registered Charity 1070616

 Batheaston Villa, 172 Bailbrook Lane
 Bath BA1 7AA England
 +44-1225-85-2865 fax +44-1225-85-9258
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