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  1. kap-listman, Computers & Ling: Data-Driven Techniques in Speech Synth, R.I. Damper.

Message 1: Computers & Ling: Data-Driven Techniques in Speech Synth, R.I. Damper.

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 02:18:24 +0200 (METDST)
From: kap-listman <>
Subject: Computers & Ling: Data-Driven Techniques in Speech Synth, R.I. Damper.

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Data-Driven Techniques in Speech Synthesis
Edited by R.I. Damper
Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science, University of
Southampton, UK 


Data-Driven Techniques in Speech Synthesis gives a first review of
this new field. All areas of speech synthesis from text are covered,
including text analysis, letter-to-sound conversion, prosodic marking
and extraction of parameters to drive synthesis hardware.

Fuelled by cheap computer processing and memory, the fields of machine
learning in particular and artificial intelligence in general are
increasingly exploiting approaches in which large databases act as
implicit knowledge sources, rather than explicit rules manually
written by experts. Speech synthesis is one application area where the
new approach is proving powerfully effective, the reliance upon
fragile specialist knowledge having hindered its development in the
past. This book provides the first review of the new topic, with
contributions from leading international experts.

Data-Driven Techniques in Speech Synthesis is at the leading edge of
current research, written by well respected experts in the field. The
text is concise and accessible, and guides the reader through the new
technology. The book will primarily appeal to research engineers and
scientists working in the area of speech synthesis. However, it will
also be of interest to speech scientists and phoneticians as well as
managers and project leaders in the telecommunications industry who
need an appreciation of the capabilities and potential of modern
speech synthesis technology.


1. Learning About Speech from Data: Beyond NETtalk;
R.I. Damper.
2. Constructing High-Accuracy Letter-to-Phoneme Rules with Machine Learning;
G. Bakiri, Th.G. Dietterich.
3. Analogy, the Corpus and Pronunciation; K.P.H. Sullivan.
4. A Hierarchical Lexical Representation for Pronunciation Generation; H. Meng.
5. English Letter-Phoneme Conversion by Stochastic Transducers; R.W.P. Luk,
R.I. Damper.
6. Selection of Multiphone Synthesis Units and Grapheme-to-Phoneme
Transcription using Variable-Length Modeling of Strings; S. Deligne, et al.
7. TREETALK: Memory-Based Word Phonemisation; W. Daelemans, A. van den Bosch.
8. Learnable Phonetic Representations in a Connectionist TTS System - I:
Text to Phonetics; A.D. Cohen.
9. Using the Tilt Intonation Model: A Data-Driven Approach; A.W. Black, et al.
10. Estimation of Parameters for the Klatt Synthesizer from a Speech Database;
J. Coleman, A. Slater.
11. Training Accent and Phrasing Assignment on Large Corpora; J. Hirschberg.
12. Learnable Phonetic Representations in a Connectionist TTS System -
II: Phonetics to Speech; A.D. Cohen.

Hardbound, ISBN 0-412-81750-0, November 2001, 336 pp.
EUR 158.00 / USD 145.00 / GBP 100.00

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