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Books: Lexical Pragmatics

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  1. Neden, Julie (ELS), Lexical Pragmatics: Pragmatics and the Flexibility of Word Meaning

Message 1: Lexical Pragmatics: Pragmatics and the Flexibility of Word Meaning

Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:46:46 +0100
From: Neden, Julie (ELS) <>
Subject: Lexical Pragmatics: Pragmatics and the Flexibility of Word Meaning


Edited by E. N�meth T., University of Szeged, Hungary and
K. Bibok, University of Szeged, Hungary 

Published October 2001 * Hardbound* ISBN: 0-08-043971-3 * 342 pages*
Pergamon USD 94.50 NLG 192 (EUR 87.13)

Recently, the investigation of word meaning in utterances has
connected two different fields: lexical semantics and pragmatics. A
new linguistic discipline, namely lexical pragmatics is emerging. The
eleven papers of the present book constitute a unit in the sense that
they have a common aim: to explore the interaction between lexical
semantics and pragmatics. The authors examine phenomena such as
productive sense extension, regular polysemy, multifunctionality,
implicit arguments and predicates, and non-typical anaphoric pronouns,
on the basis of linguistic data, for instance, from English,
Norwegian, Russian, and Hungarian, as well as using a great variety of
frameworks (optimality framework, two-level semantics, the theory of
generative lexicon, cognitive grammar, Gricean theory, and relevance

Table of Contents	
Introduction: Towards the New Linguistic Discipline of Lexical Pragmatics

Eniko N�meth T. and K�roly Bibok
Two Case Studies in Lexical Pragmatics 	
Reinhard Blutner and Torgrim Solstad
On the Scales and Implicatures of even 	
Igor Boguslavsky
The Flexibility of Inference in Triggers for Inferable Entities: Evidence
for an Interpretability Constraint 	
Sharon A. Cote
In Defence of Monosemy 	
Thorstein Fretheim
Pragmatics and the Flexibility of Theoretical Terms in Linguistics: Two Case
Andr�s Kert�sz
The Development of the Grounding Predication: Epistemic Modals and 
Cognitive Predicates 	
P�ter Pelyv�s
What is Polysemy? - A Survey of Current Research and Results 	
Gergely Petho
Interpreting Morphologically Complex Lexemes Revisited 	 
Tvrtko Prcic
Cultural Constraints on Meaning Extension: Derivational Relations between 
Actions and Happenings 	 
Raissa Rozina
The Communicative Function of the Hungarian Adverbial Marker majd 'later on,

some time' 	 
Ildik� Vask�
How the Lexicon and Context Interact in the Meaning Construction of
K�roly Bibok and Eniko N�meth T. 

* * * * * * * * * *

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