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  1. linguistlist reviews, Books available for review

Message 1: Books available for review

Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 19:03:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: linguistlist reviews <>
Subject: Books available for review

The following books are available for review on the Linguist
List. If you are interested in reviewing any of these books,
please contact Simin Karimi at:

When asking to review a book, include the following in your
message. Please do this even if you have given us this
information before!

(1) The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review.
If you are interested in more than one book, list them in rank
order of preference.
(2) Your full name and highest academic degree received.
(3) Your current affiliation if any.
(4) A short description of your research interests.
(5) A postal address to which the book should be sent.

Do NOT include an electronic CV or a URL for your personal

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a copy
along with further instructions. Reviews must be completed within
six weeks of receipt of the book or the book must be returned.


Alexandrova, Galina M., and Olga Arnaudova, ed. (2001) The
Minimalist Parameter: Selected Papers from the Open Linguistics
Forum, Ottawa, 21-23 March 1997. John Benjamins Publishing
Company, hardback ISBN 1-55619-970-8, viii+360pp, $87.00, Current
Issues in Linguistic Theory 192.

Butt, Miriam, and Traci Holloway King, ed. (2001) Time over
Matter: Diachronic Perspectives on Morphosyntax. CSLI
Publications, paperback ISBN 1-57586-282-4, ix+246pp, Studies in
Constraint-Based Lexicalism.

Cienki, Alan, Barbara J. Luka, and Michael B. Smith, ed. (2001)
Conceptual and Discourse Factors in Linguistic Structure. CSLI
Publications, paperback ISBN 1-57586-258-1, xiv+276pp.

Deterding, David Henry, and Gloria R. Poedjosoedarmo (2001) The
Grammar of English: Morphology and Syntax for English Teachers in
Southeast Asia. Prentice-Hall, paperback ISBN 0-13-093009-1,

Kempson, Ruth, Wilfried Meyer-Viol, and Dov Gabbay (2000) Dynamic
Syntax: The Flow of Language Understanding. Blackwell Publishers,
paperback xii+348pp., ISBN 0-631-17613-6, $34.95

Legendre, G�raldine, Jane Grimshaw, and Sten Vikner, ed. (2001)
Optimality-Theoretic Syntax. MIT Press, paperback ISBN 0-262-
62138-X, xviii+548pp, $42.00.

Lombardi, Linda, ed. (2001) Segmental Phonology in Optimality
Theory: Constraints and Representations. Cambridge University
Press, hardback ISBN 0-521-79057-3, vii+300pp, $64.95..

Meurers, W. Detmar, and Tibor Kiss, ed. (2001) Constraint-Based
Approaches to Germanic Syntax. CSLI Publications, paperback ISBN
1-57586-304-9, viii+312pp, Studies in Constraint-Based

Mitchell, Bruce, and Fred C. Robinson (2001) A Guide to Old
English, 6th ed. Blackwell Publishers, paperback ISBN 0-631-
22636-2, xviii+400pp, $34.95, 1st ed. 1964, 5th ed. 1992.

Nakayama, Mineharu, and Charles J. Quinn, Jr., ed. (2000)
Japanese/Korean Linguistics, vol. 9. CSLI Publications, paperback
ISBN 1-57586-264-6, ix+407pp.

Nelson, Keith, Ayhan Aksu-Ko� and Carolyn Johnson, ed. (2001)
Children's Language, Volume 11: Interactional Contributions to
Language Development. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, hardbound ISBN
0-8058-3292-0, xix+241pp, $49.95 ($27.50ppd).

Sells, Peter, ed. (2001) Formal and Empirical Issues in
Optimality Theoretic Syntax. CSLI Publications, paperback ISBN 1-
57586-244-1, ix+420pp, Studies in Constraint-Based Lexicalism.


[Note: the following two books are to be reviewed together.]
Akmajian, Adrian, Richard A. Demers, Ann K. Farmer, and Robert M.
Harnish (2001) Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and
Communication, 5th ed. MIT Press, paperback ISBN 0-262-51123-1,
xiv+604pp, $35.00.

Farmer, Ann K., and Richard A. Demers (2001) A Linguistics
Workbook, 4th ed. MIT Press, paperback ISBN 0-262-56143-3,
xi+280pp, $21.95 (1st ed. 1986).

Alexiadou, Artemis (2001) Functional Structure in Nominals:
Nominalization and Ergativity. John Benjamins Publishing Company,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-055-9, ix+231pp, $82.00, Linguistics
Today 42.

Blake, Barry J. (2001) Case, 2nd ed. Cambridge University Press,
hardback ISBN 0-521-80761-1, xvii+227pp, $64.95 (1st ed. 1994).

Blanco, Xavier, Pierre-Andr� Buvet, and Zo� Gavriilidou, ed.
(2001) D�termination et Formalisation. John Benjamins Publishing
Company, hardback ISBN 1-58811-096-6, xii+345pp, $77.00,
Lingvisticae Investigationes Supplementa 23 (in French).

Capdeville, Sophie, ed. (2001) The Lapponica Collection of the
Fellman Family: Catalogue raisonn�. Finno-Ugrian Society,
paperback ISBN 952-5150-56-9, xiii+218pp, Publications of the
Finno-Ugrian Society 239 (in several languages).

Carroll, Susanne E. (2001) Input and Evidence: The raw material
of second language acquisition. John Benjamins Publishing
Company, hardback ISBN 1-58811-011-7, xviii+461pp, $86.00,
Language Acquisition and Language Disorders, 25.

de Boer, Bart (2001) The Origins of Vowel Systems. Oxford
University Press, hardback ISBN 0-19-829965-6, xii+168pp.

Featherston, Sam (2001) Empty Categories in Sentence Processing.
John Benjamins Publishing Company, hardback ISBN 1-58811-069-9,
xvi+277pp, $86.00, Linguistics Today 43.

Fodor, Jerry A. (2001) The Mind Doesn't Work That Way: The Scope
and Limits of Computational Psychology. MIT Press, paperback ISBN
0-262-56146-8, xi+126pp, $13.95, hardback ISBN 0-262-06212-7.

Gambier, Yves, and Henrik Gottlieb, ed. (2001) (Multi) Media
Translation. John Benjamins Publishing Company, hardback ISBN
1-58811-088-5, xviii+302pp, $79.00, Benjamins Translation
Library 34.

Itakura, Hiroko (2001) Conversational Dominance and Gender: A
Study of Japanese Speakers in First and Second Language Contexts.
John Benjamins Publishing Company, hardback ISBN 1-58811-057-5,
xviii+231pp, $77.00, Pragmatics and Beyond New Series 89.

Koerner, E. F. K., and Hans-Josef Niederehe, ed. (2001) History
of Linguistics in Spain II. John Benjamins Publishing Company,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-075-3, xxii+463pp, $99.00, Studies in the
History of the Language Sciences 100.

Laakso, Johanna, ed. (2000) Facing Finnic: Some Challenges to
Historical and Contact Linguistics. Finno-Ugrian Society,
paperback ISBN 952-5150-40-2, 234pp, Castrenianumin toimitteita 59.

Merchant, Jason (2001) The Syntax of Silence: Sluicing, Islands
and the Theory of Ellipsis. Oxford University Press, xv+262pp,
hardback ISBN 0-19-924373-5, GBP47.50; paperback ISBN 0-19-924372-7,
GBP18.99. Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 1.

Mufwene, Salikoko S. (2001) The Ecology of Language Evolution.
Cambridge University Press, hardback ISBN 0-521-79138-3,
xviii+255pp, $59.95. Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact.

Ruppel, Klaas Ph., ed. (1999) Verba mutuata: Quae vestigia
antiquissimi cum Germanis aliisque Indo-Europaeis contactus in
linguis Fennicis reliquerint. Finno-Ugrian Society, paperback
ISBN 952-5150-36-4, xxv+435pp, Festschrift for Jorma Koivulehto,
Publications of the Finno-Ugrian Society 237 (in German).

Stubbs, Michael (2001) Words and Phrases: Corpus Studies of
Lexical Semantics. Blackwell Publishers, paperback ISBN
0-631-20832-1, xix+267pp, $39.95.

Weigand, Edda, and Marcelo Dascal, ed. (2001) Negotiation and
Power in Dialogic Interaction. John Benjamins Publishing Company,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-047-8, viii+294pp, $86.00, Current Issues
in Linguistic Theory 214.

Wilson, Robert A., and Frank C. Keil, ed. (2001) The MIT
Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences. MIT Press, paperback ISBN
0-262-73144-4, cxxxii+964pp, $65.00 (hardback edition 1999).
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