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TOC: Written Language and Literacy Vol.4, No.1

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  1. Jessica Balaschak, TOC: Written Language and Literacy Volume 4, No.1

Message 1: TOC: Written Language and Literacy Volume 4, No.1

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:41:59 -0500
From: Jessica Balaschak <>
Subject: TOC: Written Language and Literacy Volume 4, No.1

Written Language & Literacy 4:1 (2001)
John Benjamins Publishing Company

Robert R. Ratcliffe
What do "phonemic" writing systems represent?: Arabic Huruuf, Japanese 
Kana, and the Moraic Principle

Harriet Joseph Ottenheimer
Spelling Shinzwani: Dictionary construction and orthographic choice in the 
Comoro Islands

Minglang Zhou
Language policy and reforms of writing systems for minority languages in China

Warren Olivo
Phat Lines: Spelling Conventions in Rap Music

Book Reviews
Leonard Shlain: The alphabet versus the goddess: The conflict between word 
and image (M. O'Connor)
Jean-Gerard Lapacherie (ed.): Proprietes de l'ecriture: Actes du Colloque 
de l'Universite de Pau 13, 14, 15 novembre 1997 (Andree Tabouret-Keller)
Richard Salomon: Indian epigraphy. A guide to the study of inscriptions in 
Sanskrit, Prakrit, and the other Indo-Aryan languages (Harry Falk)
Khosrow Jahandarie: Spoken and written discourse: A multi-disciplinary 
perspective (Ruth Finnegan)
Jens Brockmeier: Literales Bewu�tsein: Schriftlichkeit und das Verhaltnis 
von Sprache und Kultur (Andrea Stockl)
David Russell & Charles Bazerman (eds.): The activity of writing / The 
writing of activity (James P. Lantolf)
Roz Ivanic: Writing and identity: The discoursal construction of identity 
in academic writing (Mary Lea)
Herre van Oostendorp & Susan R. Goldman (eds.): The construction of mental 
representations during reading (Franz Schmalhofer & Olaf Barenfanger)
David Barton, Mary Hamilton & Roz Ivanic (eds.): Situated literacies: 
Reading and writing in context (Alan Rogers)
Aydin Yucesan Durgunog*lu & Ludo Verhoeven (eds.): Literacy development in 
a multilingual context: Cross-cultural perspectives (Nancy H. Hornberger)

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