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Books: Sociolinguistics

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  1. Sean Hanrahan, Sociolinguistics: A Resource Book for Students

Message 1: Sociolinguistics: A Resource Book for Students

Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 18:05:08 +0000
From: Sean Hanrahan <>
Subject: Sociolinguistics: A Resource Book for Students

Peter Stockwell, University of Nottingham,

SOCIOLINGUISTICS: A Resource Book for Students

"This textbook is enormously enabling. Not only does it
comprehensively provide the basic theory and method at the right
level, but beginners have the means and the models so that they can
get their 'hands dirty' with real data and real problems in doing
sociolinguistics." -William Downes, University of East Anglia

Including a disparate range of texts from an interview with
Madonna to an article from the Calcutta Telegraph and
core readings from Deborah Cameron, Rosina Lippi-Green and
Norman Fairclough, this book brings together sample texts,
commentaries, activities and key secondary texts. It covers
every conceivable topic in the field, including accent and
dialect, ethnicity and multilingualism, class, age, gender,
pidgins and national and international Englishes. This book
will be the number one resource for all people trying to
understand the complex tie between sociology and
linguistics. Flagship volume in the Routledge English
Introductions series, edited by Peter Stockwell. Forthcoming
volumes include Grammar and Vocabulary and Pragmatics and

March 2002: 256 pp: 8 illus
Hb: 0415234522: $80.00 �50
Pb: 0415234530: $23.95; �14.99

A. Introduction: Key Concepts in Sociolinguistics
1. Preview: a sociolinguistic toolkit
2. Accent and dialect
3. Register and style
4. Ethnicity and multilingualism
5. Social class
6. Prestige and language loyalty
7. Age and gender
8. Pidgins and creoles
9. New, national and international Englishes
10. Politeness and accommodation
B. Development: Studies in Language and Society
1. Preview: how to use these studies
2. Attitudes to accent variation
3. Euphemism and register
4. Code-switching in German
5. On the football terrace
6. The changing prestige of RP
7. The reality of genderlects
8. Patwa and post-creolisation
9. Singlish and new Englishes
10. Politeness in mixed-sex conversation
11. Standardisation and language change
12. Language and education
13. Conversation and spoken discourse
14. Language and ideology
C. Exploration: Date for Investigation
1. How to use the data in this section
2. Dialectal variation
3. Register
4. Ethnology
5. Sociological variation
6. Prestige
7. Gender
8. Creole
9. New English
10. Politeness
11. Standardisation
12. Education
13. E-discourse
14. Ideology
D. Extension: Sociolinguistics Readings
1. Sociolinguistics and language change (Hamer)
2. Foreign accents in America (Lippi-Green)
3. Style and ideology (Fairclough)
4. Language contact and code-switching (Edwards)
5. The sociolinguist's responsibility (Cameron
6. The process of standardisation (Milroy)
7. Men's and women's narratives (Holmes)
8. The origins of pidgins and creoles (Wardhaugh)
9. World Englishes and contact literature (Kachru)
10. Closing turns (Schegloff and Sacks)
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