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Books: Tibeto-Burman languages

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  1. 890003149593, Tibeto-Burman languages: Rawang Texts, LaPolla & Poa

Message 1: Tibeto-Burman languages: Rawang Texts, LaPolla & Poa

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 21:47:43 +0100
From: 890003149593 <>
Subject: Tibeto-Burman languages: Rawang Texts, LaPolla & Poa

Rawang Texts 
Randy J. LaPolla & Dory Poa

This volume is a collection of fully analyzed texts of the Mvtwang
dialect of the Rawang language collected as part of fieldwork on the
language. Rawang is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken by approximately
fifty thousand people who live in northern Kachin State, Myanmar
(Burma), particularly along the Mae Hka ('Nmai Hka) and Maeli Hka
(Mali Hka) river valleys just south and east of Tibet. The Mvtwang
dialect is considered to be the most central of the many Rawang
dialects spoken in Myanmar, and so has become a standard for writing
and intergroup communication.

The texts include the Rawang creation and migration stories, other
folk stories, and also dialogic procedural texts detailing how to
weave cloth, how to prepare different traditional foods and how to
make a bow and arrows. An introductory chapter gives a brief
grammatical description of the language and introduces the Rawang

(The orthography uses the roman alphabet and a few other symbols; it
was developed by American missionary Robert H. Morse in the 1960's,
and is commonly used by the Rawangs.) The texts are given in this
orthography. They are first presented unanalyzed side-by-side with a
free English translation, section by section. Then each section is
presented again in the standard four-line format (as spoken/morphemic
analysis/morpheme gloss/free translation).

 ISBN 3 89586 783 7. 
 Languages of the World/Text Collections 18. 
 Ca. 300 pp. USD 75 / EUR 73.30 / � 46. 

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