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Wed Nov 14 2001

Sum: Japanese/English Codeswitching

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  1. Chad.Nilep, Japanese/English Codeswitching

Message 1: Japanese/English Codeswitching

Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 09:35:26 -0700 (MST)
From: Chad.Nilep <Chad.NilepColorado.EDU>
Subject: Japanese/English Codeswitching

I recently sent the following query to LINGUIST:

"I am currently investigating code-switching among Japanese nationals
living in Colorado (USA). I am interested in the functional and/or
social significance of code switching, particularly as it relates to
this international community. I would appreciate any pointers to work
dealing with code switching among Japanese in English speaking
countries, or similar expatriate communities. In addition, work on
code switching as a communicative or socializing resource would be
appreciated. I will, of course, make a summary to the list."

My sincere thanks to all those who responded.
Makoto Hayashi
Hartmut Haberland
Sarah J. Shin
Nishimura Miwa
Watanabe Yasuhisa
John Mayer
Hiromi Sumiya
I apologize if I have left anyone out.

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Additionally, John Mayer's dissertation (University of Hawaii at
Manoa) deals with code switching Samoan. I do not currently have
the title of his work.

Chad D. Nilep
University of Colorado Boulder
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