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  1. Ora Matushansky, Conference Proceedings - MITWPL 36 (SCIL 9)

Message 1: Conference Proceedings - MITWPL 36 (SCIL 9)

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 21:39:40 -0500
From: Ora Matushansky <matushanMIT.EDU>
Subject: Conference Proceedings - MITWPL 36 (SCIL 9)

Ljuba Veselinova, Susan Robinson and Lamont Antieau (eds.)

Proceedings of the 9th Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 9).

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 36 (MITWPL 36).
Book, $21.
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Swahili Syllable Counting in Poetry, Language Games, and Stress Assignment
Jae-Ick Park

Morphological Adjacency Constraints: A Synthesis
Jennifer Hay

A Different case against "Case Adjacency"
Anna Pettiward

Large-Scale Pied-Piping, Subjacency
Hidekazu Tanaka

A Unified Explanation of Korean Double Nominative Constructions
Hyeonkwan Cho

Pseudo-Passives and Adjacency
Ralph C. Blight

Heading for Their Own Places
Takashi Toyoshima

A Theory of Category Movement and its Applications
Brian Agbayani

Phrasal Movement in Korean Negation
Paul Hagstrom

A Note on Sluicing in Wh-in-situ Languages
Mika Kizu

Do Head-Final Coordinate Structures Exist? Evidence From NP-Coordination in 
Eun-Young Yi1

The Semantics of Predicates Taking As and To Be Complements
William Thompson and Jennifer Hay

Maximality of Cardinal NPs
Yunsun Jung

Tense and Opacity in Propositional Attitudes in Korean
Mean-Young Song

Causing the Mood. On the Properties of Subjunctive Complements in Romance
Josep Quer

The Stage-Level / Individual-Level Distinction An Analysis of -te-iru
Ayako Yamagata

"There's Redundancy and Then There's Redundancy": A Pragmatic Analysis of 
Two Redundant Constructions
Julia Moore

Predicative and Attributive Forms in Classical Japanese
Kunio Nishiyama

The Origin and Reanalysis of for as a Complementizer
Najib Jarad

Ora Matushansky
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