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Fri Nov 30 2001

Qs: Egyptian Arabic, Spanish Usage

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  1. Cristina Ferreira Saenger, coordination in egyptian arabic
  2. K. Miller, Spanish Usage

Message 1: coordination in egyptian arabic

Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1904 00:12:28 -0200
From: Cristina Ferreira Saenger <>
Subject: coordination in egyptian arabic

Diesing and Jelinek (1995) observes that in Egyptian Arabic, pronouns
are always cliticized to the verb and that the verb has to be
duplicated when pronouns are coordinated, as shown in (1). The
interesting point is that (1b) may refer to only one event, despite
the double occurrence of the verb.

(1) a. *saaf-u wi hiyya
 saw-him and she
 b. saaf-u wi saaf-ha
 saw-him and saw-her
I would appreciate if I could get further references on such
phenomenon in Egyptian Arabic or other languages.

Cristina Ximenes
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Message 2: Spanish Usage

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 21:03:39 -0600
From: K. Miller <>
Subject: Spanish Usage

This is a question to native Spanish speakers:

He escuchado que algunas de las siguientes oraciones son aceptables
para ciertas formas de espanol.

1. Quiero comprar auto/bicicleta/casa
2. Todos tomaron taxi
3. Falta plato/auto
4. Cosegui perro/auto/bicicleta
5. Estoy buscando casa que tenga garage

Es posible que existan nominales sin el articulo en estas oraciones?

Desde ya, les agradezco mucho por sus respuestas. 

Karen Miller
Michigan State University
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