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Thu Dec 6 2001

Qs: Latin Case System, Lingua Franca/Sign Lang

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  1. Doobanin, Case System in Latin
  2. fcosw5, sign language lingua franca

Message 1: Case System in Latin

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 00:09:10 EST
From: Doobanin <>
Subject: Case System in Latin


I am a graduate student in linguistics in California. I am writing a
paper on how RRG treats case markings in Latin. I have had a very
difficult time finding information on this topic. The text book for
our class is "Syntax" by Van Valin. While he does discuss case
marking he does not specifically touch upon Latin. I would be
grateful for any assistance that you could provide. Specific
reference material would be most helpful, and possibly a slant
(perspective) on this rather daunting topic.

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Message 2: sign language lingua franca

Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 14:50:20 +0800
From: fcosw5 <>
Subject: sign language lingua franca

A student of mine has asked if there is any international lingua
franca within the deaf community, as English currently serves among
the hearing? When deaf people from a variety of countries encounter
each other, is there some more-or-less agreed-upon language they can
use to communicate with each other?


Steven Schaufele
Asst. Prof. Linguistics,
English Department, Soochow University
Taipei 11118, Taiwan, ROC
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