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Mon Dec 10 2001

Confs: Linguistic Form, Meaning, Human Behavior

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  1. Joseph Davis, Linguistic form, meaning, human behavior

Message 1: Linguistic form, meaning, human behavior

Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 14:20:11 -0500
From: Joseph Davis <>
Subject: Linguistic form, meaning, human behavior

Seventh International Conference on the Interaction of
Linguistic Form and Meaning with Human Behavior

Columbia University, New York City
February 16-18, 2002


Saturday, Feb. 16, 2002, Philosophy Hall

 8:45- 9:00	Welcome
 9:00-10:00	Keynote Address: Melissa Bowerman (Max Planck Institute for 
10:00-10:30	Discussion
10:30-11:00	Break
11:00-11:30	"My brother vs. my goat: The puzzle of possessed animates in Swahili"
		Ellen Contini-Morava (University of Virginia)
11:30-11:45	Discussion
11:45-12:15	"A unified account of the English -self forms"
		Nancy Stern (Hofstra University)
12:15-12:30	Discussion
12:30- 1:30	Lunch
 1:30- 2:00	"The necessity of instructional meanings: Evidence from a comparison
 		of the Dutch and the Afrikaans demonstrative adjectives"
		Robert S. Kirsner (University of California, Los Angeles)
 2:00- 2:15	Discussion
 2:15- 2:45	"Locative/directional particles in Korean: -ey, -eyse, -(u)lo"
		Junghee Park (UCLA)
 2:45- 3:00	Discussion
 3:00- 3:30	Break
 3:30- 4:00	"German case revisited: Implications for the Human Factor 
		Kryztof Urban (UCLA)
 4:00- 4:15	Discussion
 4:15- 4:45	"The meaning of the definite article in English"
		Richard Epstein (Rutgers University, Camden)
 4:45- 5:00	Discussion
 5:00- 5:20	"A new analysis of Serbo-Croatian se"
		Radmila Gorup (Columbia University)
 5:20- 5:30	Discussion
 5:30- 	Reception

Sunday, Feb. 17, 2002, Philosophy Hall

 9:00-10:00	Keynote Address: Joan Bybee (University of New Mexico)
10:00-10:30	Discussion
10:30-11:00	Break
11:00-11:20	"Phonology as human behavior: Inflectional systems"
		Yishai Tobin (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
11:20-11:30	Discussion
11:30-11:50	"Dependencies between sound and function in nonlexical interjections"
		Gina Joue, Nikolinka Nenova, Ronan Reilly, Julie Carson-Berndsen 
		(University College, Dublin)
11:50-12:00	Discussion
12:00-12:20	"On the non-arbitrariness of phonetic structure: Body sounds"
		Regina Pustet (University of Colorado; Univ. of Munich)
12:20-12:30	Discussion
12:30-12:50	"Phonological processes in Japanese loan words based on the theory of 
		phonology as human behavior" Yishai Tobin and Haruko Miyakoda (Tokyo 
		University of Agriculture and Technology)
12:50- 1:00	Discussion
 1:00- 2:00	Lunch
 2:00- 2:20	"Phonology as human behavior: The case of peninsular Spanish"
		Adriaan Dekker, Bob de Jonge (University of Groningen)
 2:20- 2:30	Discussion
 2:30- 2:50	"Phonology without the phoneme, again"
		Joseph Davis (City College, City University of New York)
 2:50- 3:00	Discussion
 3:00- 3:30	Break
 3:30- 4:00	"Position of adverbial particles in phrasal verbs and resultativeness 
		in English" Marina Gorlach (Kaye Teachers College, Beer-Sheva)
 4:00- 4:15	Discussion
 4:15- 4:45	"A cross-language comparison of extra information phrasal length as 
		a predictor of word order" Richardo Otheguy, Betsy 
		Rodriguez-Bachiller, Eulalia Canals (Graduate Center, CUNY; 
		Kean University)
 4:45- 5:00	Discussion
 8:00- 9:00	Keynote Address: Alan Huffman (City University of New York)
 9:00- 9:30	Discussion

Monday, Feb. 18, 2002, International Affairs Building

 8:30- 8:50	"Columbia School and Saussure's langue"
		Wallis Reid (Rutgers University, New Brunswick)
 8:50- 9:00	Discussion
 9:00- 9:20	"Using Columbia School linguistics in teaching beginning German"
		Eric Nash (UCLA)
 9:20- 9:30	Discussion
 9:30- 9:50	"The role of the paradigm in sign-based morphology"
		Mark Elson (University of Virginia)
 9:50-10:00	Discussion
10:00-10:30	Break
10:30-10:50	"Are there grammatical signals to be found in Japanese cognate 
		clusters?" Benjamin Rosenthal (UCLA)
10:50-11:00	Discussion
11:00-11:20	"The Japanese inferential auxiliaries rashii, yoo-da, daroo, and 
		soo-da" Hidemi Sugi (UCLA)
11:20-11:30	Discussion
11:30-11:50	"Yet, but, and still" Charlene Crupi (Rutgers University, New 
11:50-12:00	Discussion
12:00-12:30	Concluding remarks and conference business meeting

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