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Wed Dec 12 2001

Sum: Pronounciation-Searchable French Dictionary

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  1. S. Levi, French Searchable Dictionary

Message 1: French Searchable Dictionary

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 12:38:33 -0800 (PST)
From: S. Levi <>
Subject: French Searchable Dictionary

(Summary to the posting about an Online French Dictionary, 12.3075, Qs:
French Dictionary)

This week I posted a message looking for an electronic french dictionary 
that would be searchable in the pronunciation. By far, the biggest 
suggestion was a CD-ROM version of the Petit Robert 1996. There were also some 
other suggestions (below). Some comments are below. I have included some of 
the suggestions on where to find this, and also the place I ended up ordering 
it from. I also discovered that there is a brand new 2001/2 version, but I 
don't know if it still has this function, though I imagine it does. Thanks to 
all who replied.

Susannah Levi

"Le Petit Robert from 1996 (and certainly later) has a fully-supported phonetic 
search function, among many other bells and whistles."
"I've found it to be an excellent tool, meeting all of my needs. You can search 
for any string of phonemes. Searches may include wildcards for single
consonants or vowels, as well as sequences of unspecified segments. In Canada, 
it costs just under $100CDN, so I imagine that it should be about
$60US. "
"The Petit Robert �lectronique has a function that allows the user to query 
by sound. The user clicks on the IPA characters composing the word and all the 
words sharing the same pronunciation are proposed."


(I ordered it from this place. I have not received it yet, so I cannot comment 
on whether it actually works. It was more expensive than the canadian sites, 
but the canadian site would ship in 3-5 weeks, and this place put it in the mail 
when I called to order it.)
Le Petit Robert CD-ROM Hybride
Author: Robert
Published by: Le Robert
ISBN: 605639213106


 author = {Paul Robert},
 editor = {Josette Rey-Debove & Alain Rey},
 title = {Version �lectronique du Nouveau Petit Robert. Dictionnaire 
analogique et alphab�tique de la langue fran�aise},
 year = {1996}

Their address is:
Dictionnaires Le Robert
27, rue de la Glaci�re
F-75640 Paris
Tel +33 1 / 43 16 45 00
Fax +33 1 / 43 16 45 45

Rey-Debove, J. & A. Rey (eds.). 1996. Nouveau petit Robert: Dictionnaire
analogique et alphab�tique de la langue fran�aise. Paris : Dictionnaires 
le Robert.

Also available at:


Thanks to the following people who responded:
Damon Allen Davison
Zoe Toft
Michael Tjalve
Jeffrey Steele E-Mail:
Jean Quirion
Helene Ossipov <>

Another suggestion (not the petit robert) was the following:
From: Debbie Berkley <>
 The Brulex is a database that I used as a text file and
searched in Unix or DOS. It does have backwards pronunciation fields,
too, which is kind of cool, but there's nothing fancy about it.

Another suggestion (not with the petit robert) was the following:
- Nabil Hathout

Another suggestion (not the petit robert) was the following:

If you can get an ordinary French dictionary (in a machine-readable form, 
of course), you could obtain transcriptions by using a speech-synthesis 
system. With our lab's system, for example, it is no problem at all doing this. 
You can download it for free at 
(There should be an English version of that page, but it does not seem to work 
at the moment.
Martin Forst

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