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  1. Julia Ulrich, General Ling: From Syntax to Cognition. From Phonology to Text. (2002)

Message 1: General Ling: From Syntax to Cognition. From Phonology to Text. (2002)

Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 14:42:40 +0100
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: General Ling: From Syntax to Cognition. From Phonology to Text. (2002)



>From Syntax to Cognition
>From Phonology to Text

Two Volumes
2002. 23 x 15,5 cm. vi, 871 pages.
Euro 38.95 / sFr 62,- / US$ 38.95
ISBN 3-11- 017346-8

Mouton proudly presents this collection of articles considered to be
representative of author achievements over the past quarter-century of
its publishing history. A selection, of course, can do little more than
make the readers wish for more; it is hoped that these volumes will do
just that.

The book contains essays on phonology, morphology, formal syntax,
functional linguistics, historical linguistics, language and cognition,
language acquisition, discourse and text, sociology of language, and



1. Phonology

H. van der Hulst and N. Ritter: Head-Driven phonology
A. Traill: The Percewption of clicks in !X��

2. Morphology

F. Plank: Paradigm size, morphological typology, and universal economy
R. J. Hayward: The origins of the North Ometo verb agreement systems

3. Formal Syntax

K. Hale: Core structures and adjunctions in Warlpiri syntax
R. S. Kayne: Unambigious paths
L. Rizzi and I. Roberts: Complex inversion in French

4. Functional Linguistics

E. L. Keenan: Semantic correlates of the ergative / absolutive
S. C. Dik: How to build a natural language user
S. C. Dik: Preview of Functional Grammar
G. G. Corbett and N. M. Fraser: Default genders

5. Historical Linguistics

W. Winter: The distribution of short and long vowels in stems of the
type Lith. esti : v�sti : m�sti and OCS jasti : vesti : mesti in Baltic
and Slavic languages
B. Comrie: Morphology and word order reconstruction: problems and


6. Language and Cognition

A. E. Goldberg: The inherent semantics of argument structure: the case
of English ditransitive construction
R. W. Langacker: Reference-point constructions
S. Kemmer and A. Verhagen: The grammar of causatives and the conceptual
structure of events

7. Language Acquisition

M. Bowerman: Mapping thematic roles onto syntactic functions: are
children helped by innate linking rules?

8. Discourse and Text

H. J. Sasse: The thetic/categorical distinction revisited
K. Hengeveld: Cohesion in Functional Grammar
J. Costa: Focus in situ: Evidence from Portuguese

9. Sociology of Language

E. Haugen: Language and ethnicity
M. Meeuwis: Flemish Nationalism in the Belgian Congo versus Zairan
anti-imperialism: Continuity and discontinuity in language ideological
F. Coulmas: Language masters: defying linguistic materialism
M. Eisenstein Ebsworth and T. Ebsworth: The pragmatics and perceptions
of multicultural Puerto Ricans

10. Semiotics

T. von Uexk�ll, W. Geigges and J. M. Herrmann: Endosemiosis
P. Ekman and W. V. Friesen: The repertoire of nonverbal behavior:
Categories, origins, usage, and coding

Bibliography (Volume 1 and 2)

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