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Wed Feb 7 2001

Books: Available for review

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  1. linguistlist reviews, Available for review

Message 1: Available for review

Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 17:01:55 -0500 (EST)
From: linguistlist reviews <>
Subject: Available for review

The following books are available for review. If you are
interested in reviewing any of these books, please
contact one of the Linguist List Review Editors, Simin
Karimi or Terry Langendoen, at:

***When asking to review a book, please include the
following in your message:
 -the title of the book you wish to review
 -your full name and highest degree received
 -your affiliation
 -a short description of your research interests
 -a snail mail address for us to send the book to
 (this is VERY important)

Do *not* include an electronic CV or a URL for your
personal web page. These *will* be ignored.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a
copy along with further instructions. Reviews must be
completed within 6 weeks of receipt of the book or the book
must be returned.


[no author] (1999) Handbook of the International
Phonetic Association: A Guide to the Use of the
International Phonetic Alphabet, Cambridge University

Alexiadou, Artemis, Paul Law, Andr� Meinunger, and
Chris Wilder, ed. (2000) The Syntax of Relative
Clauses, John Benjamins

Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen (2000) Tense and Aspect in
Second Language Acquisition: Form, Meaning and Use,
Blackwell Publishers

Bowerman, Melissa, and Stephen C. Levinson, ed. (2001)
Language Acquisition and Conceptual Development,
Cambridge University Press

Brinton, Laurel (2000) The Structure of Modern English:
A Linguistic Introduction, John Benjamins

Chen, Matthew Y. (2000) Tone Sandhi: Patterns Across
Chinese Dialects, Cambridge University Press

Fennell, Barbara A. (2001) A History of English: A
Sociolinguistic Approach, Blackwell Publishers

Fischer, Olga, Ans van Kemenade, Willem Koopman, and
Wim van der Wurff (2000) The Syntax of Early English,
Cambridge University Press

Fishman, Joshua. ed. (2001) Can threatened languages
be saved?, Multilingual Matters

Gilbers, Dicky, John Nerbonne, and Jos Schaeken, ed.
(2000) Languages in Contact, Rodopi

Hindley, Alan, Frederick W. Langley and Brian J. Levy
(2000) Old French-English Dictionary, Cambridge
University Press

Koopman, Hilda, and Anna Szabolcsi (2000) Verbal
Complexes, MIT Press

Landau, Barbara, John Sabini, John Jonides, and Elissa
Newport, ed. (2000) Perception, Cognition, and
Language: Essays in Honor of Henry and Lila Gleitman,
MIT Press

Marcu, Daniel (2000) The Theory and Practice of
Discourse Parsing and Summarization, MIT Press

McMahon, April (2000) Lexical Phonology and the History
of English, Cambridge University Press

McNeill, David, ed. (2000) Language and Gesture,
Cambridge University Press

Minis, Cola ed. (2000) Amsterdamer Beitr�ge zur �lteren
Germanistik, Band 53, Rodopi

Morgan, Carol, and Albane Cain (2000) Foreign Language
and Culture Learning from a Dialogic Perspective,
Multilingual Matters

Moro, Andrea, (2000) Dynamic Asymmetry, MIT Press

Niemeier, Susanne, and Ren� Dirven, ed. (2000) Evidence
for Linguistic Relativity, John Benjamins

Noguchi, Mary Goebel, and Sandra Fotos, ed. (2001)
Studies in Japanese Bilingualism, Multilingual Matters

Norrick, Neal R. (2000) Conversational Narrative:
Storytelling in Everyday Talk, John Benjamins

Nuyts, Jan and Eric Pederson, ed. (1999) Language and
Conceptualization, Cambridge University Press

Offord, Malcolm (2001) French Words: Past, Present and
Future, Multilingual Matters

Pesetsky, David (2000) Phrasal Movement and Its Kin,
MIT Press

Pusk�s, Genoveva (2000) Word Order in Hungarian: The
Syntax of A-bar Positions, John Benjamins

Rebuschi, Georges, and Laurice Tuller, ed. (1999) The
Grammar of Focus, John Benjamins

Rice, Keren (2000) Morpheme Order and Semantic Change:
Word Formation in the Athapascan Verb, Cambridge
University Press

Roberts, Celia, Michael Byram, Ano Barro, Shirley
Jordan, and Brian Street (2001) Langauge Learners as
Ethnographers, Multilingual Matters

Scollon, Ron, and Suzanne Wong Scollon (2001)
Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, 2nd
ed., Blackwell Publishers

Snider, Keith (1999) The Geometry and Features of Tone,
Summer Institute of Linguistics

Tosi, Arturo (2001) Language and Society in a Changing
Italy, Multilingual Matters

Trappes-Lomax, Hugh, ed. (2000) Change and Continuity
in Applied Linguistics, Multilingual Matters

Turrell, M. Teresa, ed. (2001) Multilingualism in
Spain, Multilingual Matters

Van Eynde, Frank, Ineke Schuurman, and Ness Schelkens
(2000) Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands
1998, Rodopi

van Gelderen, Elly (2000) A History of English
Reflexive Pronouns, John Benjamins

Wright, Sue, ed. (2000) French - An Accommodating
Language? / Le fran�ais - langage d'acceuil?,
Multilingual Matters
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