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Books: Natural Language Processing

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  1. Joyce Reid, NLP: The Language of Word Meaning by Bouillon & Busa (eds.)

Message 1: NLP: The Language of Word Meaning by Bouillon & Busa (eds.)

Date: 12 Feb 2001 11:45:38 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: NLP: The Language of Word Meaning by Bouillon & Busa (eds.)

The Language of Word Meaning
Pierrette Bouillon, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Federica Busa, Lexeme Inc., Cambridge, MA

This volume is a collection of original contributions that address the
problem of words and their meaning. This represents a still difficult
and controversial area within various disciplines: linguistics,
philosophy, and artificial intelligence. Although all of these
disciplines have to tackle the issue, so far there is no overarching
methodology agreed upon by researchers. The aim of the volume is to
provide answers based on empirical linguistics methods that are
relevant across all the disciplines and provide a bridge among
researchers looking at word meaning from different angles.


James Pustejovsky, Pierrette Bouillon, Federica Busa, James McGilvray, 
Jerry A. Fodor, Ernie Lepore, Yorick Wilks, Jacques Jayez, 
Patrick Saint-Dizier, Salvador Climent, Laurence Danlos, Julius M. Moravcsik, 
Nicholas Asher, Alex Lascarides, Jerry Hobbs, Adam Kilgarriff, 
Nicoletta Calzolari, Alessando Lenci, Nilda Ruimy, Elisabetta Gola, 
Monica Monachini, Piek Vossen

1. Preface; James Pustejovsky; 
2. Introduction: Word Meaning and Creativity;
 Pierrette Bouillon and Federica Busa; 

3. Introduction; Federica Busa and Pierrette Bouillon; 
4. Chomsky on the Creative Aspect of Language Use and its Implications for 
 Lexical Semantic Studies; James McGilvray; 
5. The Emptiness of the Lexicon: Critical Reflections on J. Pustejovsky's 
 "The Generative Lexicon"; Jerry A. Fodor and Ernie Lepore; 
6. Generativity and Explanation in Semantics: A Reply to Fodor and Lepore; 
 James Pustejovsky; 
7. The "Fodor"-FODOR Fallacy bites back; Yorick Wilks; 

8. Introduction; Federica Busa and Pierrette Bouillon; 
9. Type Construction and the Logic of Concepts; James Pustejovsky; 
10. Underspecification, Context Selection and Generativity; Jacques Jayez; 
11. Qualia and the Structuring of Verb Meaning; 
 Pierrette Bouillon and Federica Busa; 
12. Sense Variation and Lexical Semantics Generative Operations; 
 Patrick Saint-Dizier; 
13. Individuation by partitive constructions in Spanish; Salvador Climent; 
14. Event coreference in causal discoures; Laurence Danlos; 

15. Introduction; Federica Busa and Pierrette Bouillon. 
16. Metaphor, Creative Understanding and the Generative Lexicon; 
 Julius M. Moravcsik; 
17. Metaphor in Discourse; Nicholas Asher and Alex Lascarides; 
18. Syntax and Metonymy; Jerry Hobbs; 
19. Generative lexicon meets corpus data: the case of non-standard word uses; 
 Adam Kilgarriff; 

20. Introduction; Federica Busa and Pierrette Bouillon; 
21. Generative Lexicon and the SIMPLE Model: Developing Semantic Resources 
 for NLP; Federica Busa, Nicoletta Calzolari and Alessando Lenci; 
22. Lexicography Informs Lexical Semantics: the SIMPLE Experience; 
 Nilda Ruimy, Elisabetta Gola and Monica Monachini; 
23. Condensed Meaning in EuroWordNet; Piek Vossen

Studies in Natural Language Processing
2001/325 pp./41 line diagrams/9 tables
0-521-78048-9/Hb/List: $69.95
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