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Wed Jan 10 2001

Sum: Spanish Verb Classes

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  1. Margaret Salome (Butler Hill Group), Spanish Verb Classes

Message 1: Spanish Verb Classes

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 10:52:15 -0800
From: Margaret Salome (Butler Hill Group) <>
Subject: Spanish Verb Classes


Back in the summer I posted a message inquiring as to whether a list of verb
classes similar to Levin's exists for Spanish. Several people have written
to me asking that I post to Linguist List the results of this inquiry. So
far, the most comprehensive set of references WRT how verbs might be divided
into (semantic) classes in Spanish comes thanks to Bego´┐Ża Villada. See
below. Thanks to all who responded to my earlier message! Happy New Year-
Margaret Salome

Carl Vogel and I have done some work on Spanish psych predicates and
we came up with 5 different types of psych verbs in Sp; you can check
a Tech report about this work at under the 1999 year.

Marta Lujan 1980. Clitic Promotion & Mood in Spanish Verbal
Complements in Linguistics,18, pp 381---484. refers to work done on
semantic classification of verbs in Spanish. In this work she also
refers to Terrell 1976 some work that I've never seen but sounds of
interest to you.

Raul Aranovich presented a paper at the conference `Semantics and
Pragmatics of Spanish' on Quasi-reflexives verbs last November at OSU;
if you can get your hands on the paper I bet that it has references to
work done on reflexive verbs.

Well, in case you don't know this - (if not ignore this last pointer)
- the first descriptive grammar of Spanish was released last November
edited by Ignacio Bosque and Violenta Demonte (3 complete and detailed
volumes, well worth checking): Gramatica descriptiva de la lengua
espa~nola. Espasa-Calpe.
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